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having had security classification removed

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Although the West Bengal government has declassified 64 secret files, researchers claim that some more might have been withheld.
Significant portions of the declassified documents have been redacted, the result of security concerns that remain even 50 years after the documents were published, said Bobby Inman, former director of the National Security Agency, who spoke at the event.
It was revealed in the documents declassified a few years ago that two persons killed the murderer of Liquat Ali Khan at the spot while crowd also massacred the two persons in order to leave no sign of the conspiracy.
The declassified documents point to a key figure in the AQ Khan nuclear procurement network, Inamul Haq, who was working closely with Pervez, who evaded arrest by slipping out of the United States at the last minute.
The expose had already generated national headlines and includes many photos and declassified documents, plus a foreword by Sydney Schanberg, Pulitzer Price-winning reporter and inspiration for the Academy Award-winning film "The Killing Fields.
Bulgaria's Ministry of Economy and Energy has declassified Friday a total of 112 contracts related to determining prices of electric power and heating reports Novinite.
Autobiographical in nature, this account depicts the emotional journey Christa Wolf makes after discovering an unknown piece of her past in the declassified Stasi files after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
They can draw on a vast treasure trove of declassified information about U.
Indeed, the new version removes all references to satellite photography even though those details have been declassified since 1995.
The probe is in response to a request by the state-run library after Japanese diplomatic documents declassified by the ministry showed that the list had been circulated within the ministry as an attachment to a document dated Jan.
The foreword provides interesting background on the hurtles to getting the still-relevant handbook declassified.
AaAaAaThe 1965 document, recently declassified by the ministry and obtained at the weekend by South Korean media, said Tokyo believed that Korean forced labourers or conscripts were eligible to seek compensation as individuals.
Although the inquiry team have copies of all the docu-ments, they are unable to make them public or refer in detail to their contents during the questioning of witnesses unless they have been declassified by the Cabinet Office.
Inquiry chairman Sir John Chilcot said he was "frustrated" crucial papers requested by his team have not been declassified.