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reduction or removal by the government of restrictions on a classified document or weapon

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PSAM stated that it intended to vote its shares in favor of the Board declassification proposal and urged other Saks stockholders to do the same.
Shenberger is currently a Branch Chief of the CIA Declassification Center and is responsible for its 25-year review and referral program and for coordinating government-wide review of Presidential Library referrals through the Remote Archives Capture (RAC) project.
the National Archives will hold an open public forum to discuss the draft prioritization plan for the National Declassification Center (NDC) at the National Archives Building in Washington, DC.
He is a member of the Department of Defense, Enterprise Document and Records Management Integrated Product Team and of the Intelligence Community Working Group on the Use of Multi-level Security Systems in Redaction and Declassification.
Developing new and more efficient processes for interagency declassification review and processing of special media and electronic records; and
As part of the settlement agreement, Ramius has withdrawn its director nominees for consideration at the 2010 annual meeting and its stockholder proposal relating to the declassification of the Board.
The second proposal calls for declassification of the company's Board so all directors are elected to one-year terms at each annual meeting.
The 2001 Intelligence Authorization Act authorized the creation of a nine-member Public Interest Declassification Board that would advise the president and agency leaders on ways to improve the declassification process, but it was never established.
The company's stockholders ratified the appointment of Ernst & Young, LLP, to serve as independent auditors for the Company during fiscal year ended December 31, 2009 and approved an amendment to the company's amended and restated certificate of incorporation for declassification of the Board of Directors effective as of the 2011 annual stockholders' meeting.
As recommended by the board of directors, the majority of votes cast were against the proposals, with 64 percent voting against the proposal to amend Capitol's articles of incorporation to require majority voting for the election of directors, more than 78 percent voting against the proposal to redeem the preferred stock purchase rights under Capitol's tax benefits preservation plan, nearly 76 percent voting against the proposal to implement a policy requiring that the board of directors be comprised of a two-thirds majority of independent directors, and more than 74 percent voting against the declassification of the board of directors.
The CIC's order could have far- reaching effects as it has also noted the " most urgent need of the hour" for the external affairs ministry to revisit the declassification policy.
Still, supporters say it will provide an official venue to air concerns over classification and declassification policies.
By subject, the largest proportion of proposals filed at Russell 3000 companies during the period related to corporate governance (105 proposals), including the popular issues of board declassification, majority voting, and the elimination of supermajority voting requirements.
From 2003 through 2006, she served as team chief for the CIA declassification efforts at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), where she was responsible for directing CIA review efforts with NARA and collaborating with NARA to improve declassification processes.
Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has vowed to deal with the issue of communist-era secrets in a conclusive manner and fulfill hopes for a full and final declassification of the files prepared by the country's intelligence services before the fall of the regime.