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The "SYSTEM" basically empowers the elite class while the declasse (poor people) are always crushed under the ruthless rollers of the "SYSTEM".
Susan Egan, boasting an impeccable, declasse Chelsea accent, is the perfect Sally Bowles.
Le Maroc declasse par Morgan Stanley: De MSCI Emerging Market, il tronera desormais dans le MSCI Frontier Market.
For when the engineer challenges Lieutenant Traill to define what a gentleman is, the Oxford-educated but subsequently declasse Thomas Traill replies, "Good manners and good education.
These factors ushered in an era deeming Marxism declasse.
I wrote about the faded WASP ruling class from the point of view of the once declasse Italian and Irish Catholics, and I wrote about the latter from the p.
Il est passe par les repechages au premier tour du tournoi puis n'a du sa place en finale qu'a la sanction frappant le Francais Francois Pervis, vainqueur de sa serie au deuxieme tour avant d'etre declasse pour s'etre rabattu dans le couloir occupe par Kenny.
Bruce Thornton describes the difference between the two in the following way: the heavenly, older Aphrodite is "homosexual, orderly, intellectual, and "aristocratic" while the younger Aphrodite is "chaotic, declasse, bisexual, bodily, and indiscriminate" (56).
En dehors des hypotheses de syncretisme constitutionnel, consistant dans l'association entre la constitution et les accords politiques pour feconder la loi fondamentale (105), ou de l'amendement de celle-ci pour l'adapter a ces compromis (106), ce qui bien evidemment la declasse par rapport aux normes politiques, le texte constitutionnel retrouve frequemment sa position dominante dans les Etats africains en crise.
If Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher are too declasse for Europeans to invoke, how about Germany?
Just as Manhattanites started moving to Brooklyn and turned it into the hip new place to live, Sarasotans are looking around at neighborhoods that used to be a little declasse, a little square, a little shabby, and thinking, "Hey, I could live there.
It transformed the declasse, ugly, new immigrant dumping ground into a highly desirable venue, precipitating a housing boom and a major change in the city's fortunes.
The poet's identification with the heroine of the poem, constructed via class affinity--both the poet and the heroine are presented as declasse women (though the former was a wealthy bourgeoise and the other a wealthy "noblewoman")--and through inscription of financial anxiety, is supported by many intertextually related utterances, one of which is found in a letter to an acquaintance Smith wrote: "But really it is almost too much for me, having the power to five so much otherwise, to be compelled to live only to write and write only to live.
The Black United Front had to make space for the poor and the declasse elements to articulate their agenda and assume leadership positions in the struggle.
I believe that for non-native-speaking teachers of English, the lack of ability to articulate the level of their target-language skills keeps them permanently declasse in the world of EFL.