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It's the context -- the seedy bars where it tends to be exercised and its attendant economy -- that makes pole-dancing declasse, not its athletic sensuality.
Ironically, members of the upper class regard overt display of these social features as signs of striving and therefore declasse.
The "SYSTEM" basically empowers the elite class while the declasse (poor people) are always crushed under the ruthless rollers of the "SYSTEM".
Susan Egan, boasting an impeccable, declasse Chelsea accent, is the perfect Sally Bowles.
Le Maroc declasse par Morgan Stanley: De MSCI Emerging Market, il tronera desormais dans le MSCI Frontier Market.
Always afterward critical of appeasement and acting as a semi-official (although unpaid) British agent, he forged and maintained contacts with conservatives who disliked Hitler's cruel and declasse regime.
I wrote about the faded WASP ruling class from the point of view of the once declasse Italian and Irish Catholics, and I wrote about the latter from the p.
Il est passe par les repechages au premier tour du tournoi puis n'a du sa place en finale qu'a la sanction frappant le Francais Francois Pervis, vainqueur de sa serie au deuxieme tour avant d'etre declasse pour s'etre rabattu dans le couloir occupe par Kenny.
Stonequist (1961) speaks about three types of strangers, using three French terms: deracine (2), depayse (3) and declasse (4).
It wasn't so long ago that self-publishing was viewed as a bit, shall we say, declasse.
The popularity of sweet Moscato came seemingly out of no-where, rising from the ashes of the declasse fortified Muscatels of yore.
Vulgar and declasse, popular culture personified, Chaplin was often mistaken for a Jewnot least by the Nazis, who used him as the poster child for the notorious "Ewige Jude" exhibit of 1938.
If Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher are too declasse for Europeans to invoke, how about Germany?
Just as Manhattanites started moving to Brooklyn and turned it into the hip new place to live, Sarasotans are looking around at neighborhoods that used to be a little declasse, a little square, a little shabby, and thinking, "Hey, I could live there.
And it required a willingness on the part of men to get their hands dirty working with contraptions (or at dissecting tables), a kind of un snobbish marriage of philosophy with craft not historically easy to come by, indeed, only likely in societies where commerce wasn't deeply declasse.