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Synonyms for declared

made known or openly avowed


declared as fact


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I have no fancy," he declared, "for the cemeteries of affection.
Absolute indifference," he declared promptly, "unless--"
Then Emily will never attract him," she declared almost triumphantly, "for she has no more heart that he has.
They think it's easy to be a woman, to be loved, but I know better," he declared.
He declared that the bottle was exactly like the bottle in which he had placed the arsenic.
The crumpled paper, with the grains of powder left in it, had been identified by the chemist, and had been declared to contain grains of arsenic.
He's off, right enough," Hamel declared, as the car glided away.
Awfully good of you, sir," the young man declared, "and I am sure we are very sorry to trouble you.
It is because I have heard what you were saying over the telephone that I am here," he declared.
Come, you are judging me very quickly," he declared.
Sabin declared, "will add still further to my happiness.
No one can possibly suspect," Granet declared, "no one who could have influence enough to override your immunity from censorship.
He is the man with the new post," Sir Alfred declared hoarsely.
Phil in which 1,133 were declared successful, 336 appeared in PhD.
Out of a total of 11,869 polling stations, 3,112 have been declared sensitive in all 12 districts.