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Synonyms for declarative

Synonyms for declarative

a mood (grammatically unmarked) that represents the act or state as an objective fact

relating to the use of or having the nature of a declaration

relating to the mood of verbs that is used simple in declarative statements


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In asymmetric paradigms, the correspondences between the members of the paradigms used in interrogatives and declaratives are not one-toone.
In my ongoing work (see also Miestamo 2007; 2009), (5) I have found the following types of structural asymmetry between interrogatives and declaratives that seem to recur cross-linguistically and may thus form relevant subtypes of asymmetric interrogatives in a typological classification of PIs: 1.
An easily observable structural difference between interrogatives and declaratives in Uralic languages is the change in word order found in Finnic, Saamic and Permic languages.
2008) agree with Portuguese and Spanish in that the ordinary intonation of broad focus declaratives involves a much lower (downstepped) p2 (sometimes even described as a low tone, as in the case of Spanish), one of our aims here is to investigate whether in Catalan the association between broad focus and downstep, on the one hand, and narrow focus and lack of downstep, on the other, also applies.
The data analyzed in this study consisted of S(ubject) V(erb) O(bject) Central Catalan declaratives produced with broad focus, that is, focus on the whole sentence, (e.
This can be observed in Figure 5, which displays the mean values of p1 and p2 in Hz for all broad focus declaratives produced by each speaker.
The following paper will be based on an analysis of periphrastic do in affirmative declarative sentences in the Early Modern English part of the Helsinki Corpus.
In affirmative declarative sentences, however, an incipient grammaticalization--encoding various functions is obvious, but in neither of these functions could the use of do develop any degree of obligatoriness, which would have been an indicator of the accomplishment of this syntactic change.
When it was used in affirmative declarative sentences it did not necessarily give the sentence emphasis, as it does today.
The students reviewed the transcripts and coded each caregiver utterance using the following target linguistic structure categories: declarative sentence, imperative sentence, wh--question, yes/no question, choice question, and compound/complex sentence.
For the target linguistic structures that the caregivers used with their assigned children, results revealed an overall tendency to use either declarative sentences or wh--questions most often during book sharing with the children.
46%) and declarative sentences most often with Child 3 (27.
Utterances with contrastive focus have increased local tonal F0 maxima in Spanish at a statistically significant level compared to neutral declaratives (de la Mota 1995, 1997; Face 2001).
Frota's data on EP suggest that local intonational movements analyzed with a bitonal structure may reveal differences between imperatives and declaratives that are not evident when only comparing F0 maxima.
The sentences were repeated three times each (33 declaratives and 33 imperatives per informant) in a pseudo-randomized order for a total of 132 imperative and 132 declarative tokens.