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Synonyms for declarative

Synonyms for declarative

a mood (grammatically unmarked) that represents the act or state as an objective fact

relating to the use of or having the nature of a declaration

relating to the mood of verbs that is used simple in declarative statements


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As mentioned previously GDRev dynamically and interactively creates a specification for a figure and reconstructs and modifies a figure using its specification and a set of base points, thus making it a system that functions declaratively.
The security of each EJB component will be declaratively defined in deployment descriptors at the assembling time.
The first part introduces constraint programming, which provides high level features to declaratively model problems by means of constraints.
If daily-political points continue to be collected, we will go nowhere and we will only declaratively claim that we are in favor of coexistence but at the same time divide ourselves into yours and ours, Albanians and Macedonia, VMRO-followers and SDSM-followers, Popovska said.
This means that the agony continues and they are declaratively a pro-European and Atlantic integration but have no answer to the question - how they are to achieve this," Demiri explains.
Has not the new "yuppie" leadership of the VMRODPMNE, at least declaratively, given up the ideas of the honorary president?
Interactive Reporting Region -- innovative technology enables end users to customize reports resulting in reduced development time and effort while enhancing application functionality; -- Declarative BLOB Support -- enables files to be declaratively uploaded in forms and downloaded or displayed using reports.
The results can be more declaratively assembled than the most loyal Constructivist could ever have managed, and yet more magical, more vertiginously impromptu, than any Surrealist in his wildest dreams.
Everyone will be declaratively for fair play rules in which everyone is to respect each other but in practice, everything will remain the same, Adamovski writes.
The new release provides a platform for declaratively developing and deploying conceptual views of disparate enterprise data sources such as SQL databases, XML and RDF data sources, and SOA based Web services.
I wish for the Albanian parties to realistically and not declaratively dedicate themselves to the economy," said Musliu.
Declarative and elastic graphical layouts - Layouts can be described declaratively, as in HTML.
Signing such a statement does not seem real to me because all parties are only declaratively committed to this issue," says Maleska.
EnterpriseTenFold SOA enables business users to define an application declaratively, then render it, automatically producing service-oriented applications.
The Spring Integration framework provides a simple model for creating message-driven systems by encapsulating the internal complexities of such systems so that business components can be declaratively configured without knowledge of the integration infrastructure.