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a sentence (in the indicative mood) that makes a declaration

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The semantic structure of a declarative sentence can be acquired with the high speed semantic analysis method based on semantic language [11].
In his drowsy state, Sleuth listened politely but said very little, except for the ominously foreboding simple declarative sentence, "I .
On the basis of what has been said so far, one is justified in setting up the following generalization concerning written Swedish: in declarative sentences, continuous nonsubjects (objects and prepositional objects) are more strongly associated with the prefinite position than discontinuous ones.
The figures concerning me and ma also suggest that since these particles occur only rarely in the first two-thirds of the novel, questions requiring "yes" or "no" answers in chapters 1 through 80 must be formed of declarative sentences intended to be read with a rising pattern of intonation - an assumption borne out by the data.
that assertion be characterized in terms of uttering a declarative sentence in conventionally specified conditions.
A small, declarative sentence halfway down in a recent Boston Globe news story perfectly sums up the contentious issue of police details in Massachusetts:
Rouse also exhibits a tendency to fall back on the quick and easy manufacture of drama in paragraphs that consist of one brief declarative sentence, a device that can make such sentences sound like self-parodies.
Rage against a system of education that steals your time -- 13 years or more -- and graduates you without the ability to write a simple declarative sentence, read anything more complex than the newspaper, without the basic skills to survive for two weeks, prepared only for more years of "education.
But hidden within that single declarative sentence is a fuse that has triggered a morality war that goes far beyond the direct meaning of those 14 words.
Yet Jesus' words are a simple declarative sentence.
Under the heading "Boisgeloup-18 April XXXV," starting simply in Spanish with a mildly fanciful declarative sentence, he elliptically evokes his economic problems on a lazy Thursday:
When a declarative sentence with a final L% boundary tone ends in a vowel, this vowel tends to be shortened and devoiced.
Gymnast Vanessa Atler pierces the air like a declarative sentence, leaving a vapor trail of exclamation points.
The previous treatments based on the standard language (EKG 175--177; Metslang 1981 : 109--112; 2004; Metslang 1985) also single out such secondary means of expressing imperativeness adding specific shades of meaning as the question (5, 6), modalized declarative sentence (7), and indicative clause (8).
Moreiras's writing is all of a piece, nary a let up anywhere nor a short declarative sentence to allow one to catch one's breath.