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Synonyms for declamation

Synonyms for declamation

a usually formal oral communication to an audience

the art of public speaking

Words related to declamation

recitation of a speech from memory with studied gestures and intonation as an exercise in elocution or rhetoric

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Throughout the commentary, Stramaglia points out numerous parallels in detail between both declamations.
He also provides a list of declamations which fall under the same law, to which he returns at the point 'partitio?
Burman's edition of the Major Declamations (1720), Warr's translation (1686) and Patarol's edition (1743).
4) Quite likely, but, if true, it makes it very difficult to explain why there is only one declamation left which deals with cannibalism.
The second part of the Introduction, 'Cadaveribus pasti', is the introduction proper to the declamation as a rhetorical feat.
The Bishop, however, abruptly broke his vow of silence and went vesuvial with declamations of his disgust for Herald management in general, and anger at Conrad Black in particular.
What do we discover when we strip away, go beyond, the layers of theology and tradition, the declamations of the popes, the fourth-century creeds, the writings of Paul (whose Christology created a new Jesus), or even the Gospels themselves.
So that despite such singular (and, in the dance world, tired-out) musical declamations as Stravinsky's Rite of Spring and Ravel's Bolero, and dispite a number of variations on the unitard, one dance looked just like the next.
La soiree ne sera pas seulement dediee aux declamations poetiques.
He said that declamations, debates and discussions provided the students a forum for enlightenment of mind and develop leadership qualities in them.
KARACHI -- Students of 23 reputed schools of the metropolis participated in All Karachi Inter-School Declamation Contest held here at Defence Authority SKBZ College on Friday.
In Group A of Declamation Contest, Shahdeer Ali of Defence Authority Public School (O&A Levels) Sea View got the first position, Mobin Arif of Happy Home School secured the second position and Mohsin Ahmed of Defence Authority Model High School, Phase-VII was adjudged third.
She begins by explaining the reasons why declamations are so important but have been the subject of so little study, then analyzes the uses of declamations in rhetoric and rhetorical education.
Litigator Choundas, whose day job qualifies him right off, supplies what to say and how to say it, including greetings, calls, commands, threats, oaths, curses, insults, epithets, respectful address, retorts, questions and replies, toasts and declamations, contractions, cultural terms, and the many variants of the infamous "arrgh" (Choundas never explains why it is never "vvvvv," which is just as well).
No loud declamations, ringing phrases, shocking revelations.