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Synonyms for declamation

Synonyms for declamation

a usually formal oral communication to an audience

the art of public speaking

Words related to declamation

recitation of a speech from memory with studied gestures and intonation as an exercise in elocution or rhetoric

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Javed Jabbar appreciated the zeal, enthusiasm and spirited approach of the speakers and stressed the need for research work, knowledge and innovative approach as a pre-requisite to excel in the art of declamation.
The Education department had also tasked to arrange a group of students for declamation contest as well as for different games.
ISLAMABAD -- A grand declamation contest and prize distribution ceremony was organized by the Bahria Foundation College (North) in the city.
Of equal importance are the small-scale amateur theatricals, such as tableaux vivants and performances of music and declamation, which are staged by the main characters of the novel.
The National competition for Mohammed VI Qur'an memorization and declamation award opened on Monday in Rabat.
LAHORE -- Scientific programme of the 4th International Medical Education Conference held at FJMC apart from memorial lectures, plenary talks and panel discussion also included a session devoted to presentations by young researchers and a session on Students Declamation contest besides poster presentations.
PESHAWAR, May 25 -- A declamation contest on health of mother-child and cleanliness was held under the joint auspices of Pakistan Village Development Programme (PVDP) and Paiman in Government Higher Secondary School Urmar Lower.
La citta che si cibo dei suoi cadaveri is the gruesome title of the equally gruesome twelfth Major Declamation (Cadaveribus pasti), one of the nineteen highly colourful mock-forensic speeches which have come to us under the name of Quintilian.
It gradually turns toward matters of declamation, especially extemporaneously conceived verse performed ad lyram, that is, with improvised melody accompanied by the singer-poet on a stringed instrument, in Brandolini's time probably the lira da braccio.
Meaning dwells deeply within the work's form, and conventions of declamation obstruct the apprehension of form in its pure state.
The generic name for speeches pro and contra a given proposition is the declamation.
Still more disconcerting, Wadsworth has each actor working in a different performance style, from stilted declamation to free-associating, Robin Williams-like comedy.
In this first part Maynard's methodical treatment contrasts most sharply with Perrot's declamation of bourgeois taste.
MULTAN -- An English Declamation was held at Bakhtawar Amin Medical and Dental College in connection with Students' Week.
Students participated in the All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation Contest, SISA International Debating and Public Speaking Championship 2018 and a poster competition organized by PU in collaboration with the Higher Education Department.