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Synonyms for declamation

Synonyms for declamation

a usually formal oral communication to an audience

the art of public speaking

Words related to declamation

recitation of a speech from memory with studied gestures and intonation as an exercise in elocution or rhetoric

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In the Urdu declamation, Abdur Raheem Virk from Government College University Lahore was declared first, and Shahid Zaman Abbasi from Daanish School Boys Hasilpur second while Raheeb Ahmad Yousufzai from Cadet College Larkana and Malaika Wardag from Faisalabad Grammar School Faisalabad shared third prize.
Her timbre was akin to that of the young singer Livia Agh, Albrecht's court Dvorak soprano, yet notwithstanding her faultless declamation, she was incapable of overcoming the technical pitfalls and the sound of the orchestra and choir and, if she did, it was at the expense of pushing her voice too far.
The students shown keen interest in the declamation contest and presented skits on lack of basic health facilities.
musical meter) responses of composers to various poetic meters, the effect of various styles of musical declamation on the original form and punctuation of the poetry, the implications of enjambment for musical settings (and the consequences of certain types of musical setting for enjambment), the rediscovery by poets of the dactyl and its musical results, and many other matters central to the more practical aspects of setting poetry to music.
La citta che si cibo dei suoi cadaveri is the gruesome title of the equally gruesome twelfth Major Declamation (Cadaveribus pasti), one of the nineteen highly colourful mock-forensic speeches which have come to us under the name of Quintilian.
Meaning dwells deeply within the work's form, and conventions of declamation obstruct the apprehension of form in its pure state.
Fran Hubbard, from The Loft, says: "There will be no Greek costumes, no masks, no endless declamation, but there will be drama, tragedy and comedy - the human emotions that underpin these great plays are still very real in today's world.
Minority groups organized, staged a sit-out, and leafleted attendees with Graglia's most inflammatory rhetoric-including a declamation that "Blacks and Mexican-Americans are not academically competitive with whites in selective institutions.
Still more disconcerting, Wadsworth has each actor working in a different performance style, from stilted declamation to free-associating, Robin Williams-like comedy.
In this first part Maynard's methodical treatment contrasts most sharply with Perrot's declamation of bourgeois taste.
Then, he was a mode of high-styled declamation that liberated me from smothered everything in Clinton, Mississippi.
He said that the events included in the talent contest are Declamation Contest, Hifz-e-Iqbal Competition, Pakistan Quiz, Essay Writing Competition, Badminton Tournament and Squash Tournament.
On October 7, Declamation contest and Quiz competition under the banner of Office of the Senior Tutor would be arranged at the concluding and prize distribution ceremony will be arranged, he told.
Activities like seminars, quiz competition, art competition, model making competition, poster making competition Space videography, visit to PIA Planetarium for Sky Simulation, declamation contest, water rocket competition, qiraat competition (with themes related to space) and Space Poetry would be part of the week-long activities.
Autre moment d'emotion, celui de la declamation de Cheikh Madani qui lira un texte poetique en louant Dieu et le Prophete Mohamed (QSSSL).