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one who delivers a public speech

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The Elian "boy-man" is a sophisticated schoolboy declaimer because he translates classical rhetorical practices from the cloisters of Christ's Hospital to the middle-class readers of the London Magazine.
An outsider among the London-based student body, young Elia is hardly a candidate for the ludic schoolboy declaimer whose "class clown" antics suggest an insider status.
Through the colores, which Altman calls "highly refined interpretations of motive and cause," the declaimer ventures to answer convincingly the specific questions of equity emanating from the facts, in effect developing and fleshing out the specific hypothesis; hence in every discrete controversia the personages are or can easily become what Altman calls the parties in the trial scene of Sidney's Arcadia: "fictional hypotheses.
One supremely gifted individual from Thibilis, not unlike Apuleius himself, was an accomplished declaimer with a talent for the extemporaneous and equally the author of philosophical dialogues, epistles, pastorals and eclogues.
For Hazlitt, Bacon is among humanity's shrewdest students, possessing "great sagacity of observation, solidity of judgment and scope of fancy," comparable to Burke as "a popular philosopher and a philosophical declaimer.
Giton is a crook: "The spurious emotions and false drama demanded of the declaimer in the rhetorical schools have in him become indistinguishable from genuine emotions and real drama.
Albalah: this favorite genre is alkso associated with social occasions such as holidays or wedding celebrities depends on competition by poets and declaimers who gather to rehearse poems or poetic lines in Self-righteous, commendation lampoonery or irony.
Unfortunately my stomach wouldn't let me vote for a party with the likes of Blair, the Milibands, Straw, Mandelson and Harman in its ranks - all declaimers of the toffs in society but some of whom went to private schools but don't want the same for anyone-else.
Despite declaimers, Iran wants to be a nuclear-armed power.
But he provides readers with an analytically rigorous critique of conscience's declaimers and a sound defense of that dimension of the human where, regardless of one's religion, one encounters the call to go beyond one's more basic urges.
His declaimers before the judiciary committee and his firm embrace of the rule of law are not enough to steer us clear of danger.