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having a rough edge

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SPORTS Hall porter Leslie Allcock deckled he could not stay late at Birmingham University to help students' games training
This will create a deckled edge around the outside of the project.
The McDonald living room smelled of being closed off, with lace doilies on tables, scattered photographs of the absent ore boat captain, some with deckled edges, a giant metal cigarette-lighting machine with an open carton of Lucky Strikes alongside, and a heart-shaped twisted-silver frame containing a portrait of the Old Crab as a pretty young woman with bobbed hair and wearing a wedding dress.
This soft leather journal features 100 pages with Florentine deckled edges.
The envelope held a number of 8 x 10 black-and-white photos, a yellowing 4 x 6, and one or two smaller, personal photos with deckled edges; the kind you might have seen in your parents' photo albums.
A specific advantage of this technique is that the fibres collect around the aperture to produce a deckled edge with a characteristic feathering effect that cannot be imitated with alternative methods such as die or laser cutting (the method that Kurz and Giori have developed) or leaving a clear area on polymer sheets coated with white ink (the basis for Guardian).
A deckled edge or the corners of a starburst can present problems if they have no corner radius (0[degrees] radius) but rather come to a point.
Designed with a full-case cloth cover with gold embossing, printed end sheets and pages with special deckled edges, the edition is priced at $60.
A new dual spindle machine will address growing demand for internally deckled dies.
5 cm), the ALV journal (as it is generally known) is printed on handmade paper with deckled edges, bound in printed wrappers with flaps.
The catalogue does contain, by happy accident, a sketch for the paperwork by Rosenquist referred to earlier: a kind of disk, with an elegantly deckled circumference.
29]: not an occasion for exquisite serifs and deckled edges, but Elsa and Allen, not to mention Gertrude Stein, still deserved a strong statement.
However, if the artist used a paper with a deckled edge, it's nice to float the art on top of the mat to show it off.
Ceremonial programs with deckled edges were provided for guests by friends of the bride Wendi Lofton and Katie Wood.