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rough edge left by a deckle on handmade paper or produced artificially on machine-made paper


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(paper making) a frame used to form paper pulp into sheets

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Caption: (2) Hold the mould and deckle together and insert it at a 45-degree angle into the water.
Both types of paper bindings (those using boards and broche bindings) which were intended as temporary bindings had the deckle edges of their text blocks left uncut.
The cut of meat used conies from the forequarters of the steer, usually the deckle, the leaner shoulder cut, or the navel or plate, a smaller cut from the chest that is fatter and juicier.
It is not cut out, rather the deckle-edge window is created during the process of cylinder-mould web formation as the stock fibbers collect against the deckle, leading to the characteristic feather look.
Deckle 2-Go will make you the proud owner of a unique mould and deckle papermaking system.
After blending, the furnish was hand felted into a 250- by 250-mm deckle box.
You can try to make your own mold and deckle with picture frames and window screening.
6-meter deckle Crescent Former tissue machine, complete virgin pulp line, and a rewinder and wrapping line.
10 letters: BLACK MAGIC, CALLED BACK, DECKLE EDGE, GALLIC ACID (note also the palindromic straddle ICACI), JELLIED EEL, MIDDLE DECK
The Asian financial crisis in 1997 was caused by unstable currencies, high interest rates, and short-term capital inflows (Chan-Lau & Chen, 2002; Deckle, Hsiao & Wang, 2002).
Inevitably, quality began to deckle as many weavers cut corners by using thicker yarn or looser weaves and opted for popular motifs and flashy colors for pieces they could sell teenage to indiscriminate customers.
Specially Yours provides a variety of textures, finishes and colors including jeweltone trims, deckle edges and pastel hues, all with matching envelopes.
1989) (recommending fair information practices in dealings between individuals and institutions); DECKLE MCLEAN, PRIVACY AND ITS INVASION (1995) (examining the history of privacy as an idea and discussing its virtues and flaws); PANEL ON CONFIDENTIALITY AND DATA ACCESS, PRIVATE LIVES AND PUBLIC POLICIES: CONFIDENTIALITY AND ACCESSIBILITY OF GOVERNMENT STATISTICS (George T.