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a member of a ship's crew who performs manual labor

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Deckhand Steven Robertson, 25, was lost overboard from the 58-foot vessel off the Anglesey coast in January 2012.
The DHS is 22 inches shorter and weighs 1,200 pounds less than the original DECKHAND DH4.
In line with the O&L Group purpose: "Creating a future, enhancing life", and the Group Vision, "To be the Most Progressive and Inspiring Company", Hangana Seafood employed Martha Shitayi as a deckhand.
Two years on and he is a deckhand and cook aboard a North Sea trawler and spends up to 11 days at sea with the crew of the Jubilee Spirit, which sails out of Grimsby, Lincs, and Scarborough, North Yorks.
As an experienced deckhand you could work as a 'mate', with extra responsibilities, such as reading charts and navigating, operating the radio, using electronic fish-finding equipment and deputising for the vessel's skipper.
Seven sea and coastal transportation and inland water transportation companies have come together to request this training from the college, which will train workers for positions as a captain, mate, deckhand, and tankerman.
Warner appeared on television last year as a deckhand on a fishing vessel on Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch," a documentary series about crab fishing in the Bering Sea.
Everything was OK until the pumpman and deckhand who had cleaned tank No.
So he goes up the gang plank of a vessel and inquires of the captain whether he needs an extra deckhand.
In "Lake Effect: A Deckhand's Journey on the Great Lakes Freighters", author Richard Hill takes his readers on an informed and informative journey into the daily life and work of a freighter ship deckhand.
At 20, David himself went to sea asan unclassified deckhand withTyneside shipping company Hunting & Son.
It allows any deckhand, with or without experience, to mechanically splice ropes with not much more than an adjustable gripper or similar tool.
RESCUERS' REWARD: Rescuers who pulled a deckhand from the freezing North Sea after he fell overboard from a Tees pilot cutter were presented with specially engraved tankards by their employers in May 1983.
4) Deckhand Roger Ayala scans the horizon in search of gray whales during a Harbor Breeze cruise.
A big, stern Norwegian named Tor takes him on as a deckhand, and the two head out into the Gulf of Alaska to catch as many Kings as they can during the short season.