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a member of a ship's crew who performs manual labor

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The captain was the only one on duty on the tanker because the deckhand had left the bridge.
The report said: "Sea Harvester's owners' use of deckhands who had not completed mandatory safety-related training courses and, in some cases, could not speak or understand English, was a commercial expedience taken in response to the unavailability of local, trained fishermen.
The accident happened as deckhands on the Sea Harvester tried to untangle fishing gear and a pole was forced out of its socket.
Unlike divers, deckhands are typically much less experienced -- often with just a few months or years under their belts -- and this inexperience is one reason deckhands can be involved in some unpleasant incidents.
Critique: A work of fiction that is based upon elements of the author Stanley Graham's own life experiences working as a deckhand and a porter, "Meditations of a Great Lakes Sailor" is an impressively written novel that is an inherently interesting and entertaining read from beginning to end.
Deckhand Steven Robertson, 25, was lost overboard from the 58-foot vessel off the Anglesey coast in January 2012.
The DHS is 22 inches shorter and weighs 1,200 pounds less than the original DECKHAND DH4.
The company appointed a female deckhand on one of its eight vessels, an occupationi that has been male-dominated in the past.
Its blue, 10-foot-tall robot deckhand has a jointed arm that can extend about 10 feet, with 15 or so interchangeable hands of assorted sizes.
But if Clooney wins, Pitt will have to work a full day as a deckhand on his yacht in Italy's Lake Como.
What does a career as a fishing vessel deckhand involve?
Seven sea and coastal transportation and inland water transportation companies have come together to request this training from the college, which will train workers for positions as a captain, mate, deckhand, and tankerman.
Warner appeared on television last year as a deckhand on a fishing vessel on Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch," a documentary series about crab fishing in the Bering Sea.
Everything was OK until the pumpman and deckhand who had cleaned tank No.
So he goes up the gang plank of a vessel and inquires of the captain whether he needs an extra deckhand.