decisive factor

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a point or fact or remark that settles something conclusively

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But researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, Germany, have now demonstrated that melody may not be the decisive factor, instead, rhythm may be crucial.
Summary: Jose Mourinho has been quoting Einstein to convince his Real Madrid players the will to win can be the decisive factor against Barcelona.
SIR - If the Welsh Assembly Government has failed when it comes to education, it is concerning the most decisive factor of all on educational performance.
Urging the officers to maintain their focus on professional pursuits, the Chief of Army Staff emphasized that leadership would remain the decisive factor in outcome of any military campaign and officers must lead by personal example.
My injury prevented me from training in the 10 days before the championships and I think that was the decisive factor for my showing," he said, as quoted by Dnevnik daily.
This is the decisive factor for credit-crunched licensees and consumers.
In the final, the fact that Roxholme Ryan is drawn in three, just inside Gingko, could be the decisive factor.
It is not a presidential election but former army chief Musharraf's unpopularity is expected to be a decisive factor in today's vote for a new parliament and provincial assemblies.
It was Pontypridd who opened the scoring in the first half and although both teams came close, this was to prove the decisive factor in a hard-fought encounter.
The quality of the mixture is said to be a decisive factor, one that requires purpose designed technologies, specialist know-how and experience, according to the literature.
At this point, uniqueness is a more decisive factor today than ever be(ore.
Dahlia pointed to the team's unity as a decisive factor in Friday's 21-14 Olympic League upset victory over Valley Christian of Cerritos.
His hard work in raising standards was a decisive factor in achieving this level of success.
The author asserts that this cooperation "proved a decisive factor in keeping the province from falling to the Whites as a result of a rejection of Soviet power from within" (170).
The decisive factor which drove the president's reelection was house prices.