decisive factor

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a point or fact or remark that settles something conclusively

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The study found that singing was not the decisive factor for the patients.
Jose Mourinho, a coach rarely short of a theory, has been quoting Albert Einstein to convince his Real Madrid players the will to win can be the decisive factor in their Champions League clash with Barcelona.
The decisive factor is in fact the unbiased consideration of the system as a whole," says Heiko Tiedmann, manager of the Smart Labels Department.
The competition for talent can be a decisive factor, and in an improving job market, companies may lean toward plans that are performance-based and vest over time, effectively "locking in" top performers.
And Dennis Roach, the former Tottenham's manager's representative, revealed that -- despite reports to the contrary -- Hoddle's salary demands were not a decisive factor.
Form is going to be the most decisive factor in any decision.
Instead, in the eye of the church, consensus between equals was a third decisive factor for a legitimate union.
In reality, the depth and professionalism of your housekeeping operation could be the decisive factor in whether the state will continue to fund your facility, or close its doors for good.
The introduction of chance as artistic method followed, with canvases showing 40,000 small squares painted according to a pattern determined by numbers chosen randomly from the telephone book (the decisive factor being whether a number was odd or even).
It is a strange irony that in an industry where time to market is considered a decisive factor, the ability to scale up appropriately to ensure product delivery is a distant concern.
It was a clear signal that he would not go down without a fight, revealing a gritty side to his character that had largely gone unnoticed but would become a decisive factor in the fall race.
It's hard to isolate maleness as the decisive factor in the stories she recounts.
Let me make this comment, that from a democratic point of view (Megawati's) party won the most seats and that in the end should be a very decisive factor," Howard said.
On the other side, clients historically have not considered the cost of services a decisive factor when selecting a CPA.