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a table of all contingencies and the actions to be taken for each

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The decision maker's preferences split the decision table into subsets of equally preferred options, called classes, so that options belonging to the same class are considered indistinguishable.
Although we elected to characterize uncertainty by analyzing variability in biomass estimates from historical stock assessments, an alternative approach might be to use decision table results, which are a required element in groundfish stock assessments.
For the future of this research the integration of the decision table in the control program of the manufacturing cell is to be considered.
NET now offer business users the option of authoring or editing business rules using decision tables within Excel 2003; or composing textual rules in an "if-Then-Else" language in Microsoft Word, for example "if' a company buys several products and spends more than a specified amount, "then' it will receive a special discount; or 'else' it will pay a standard amount.
71sec) as the quickest to half-way in the semi-finals of the William Hill Derby at Wimbledon on Saturday, both greyhounds clocking personal bests in the Split Decision table.
If desired, the team can go one step further and use a decision table to determine how best to respond to the root causes that were uncovered.
Nonlinear interpretation incorporates a three-step process of 1) various electrical/mechanical signals that are collected by sensors, 2) signal data applied to rules and membership functions to derive an influence as to the relative degree of gap stability, and 3) a decision table that affects a parameter change to optimize discharge efficiency.
The AT&T financial organization had to bring the real economics of the business to the decision table.
All the other suitability rules are included in Decision Table A of Table 2.
These ideas are brought together into a simple decision table that managers will find invaluable in making better decisions about IT projects.
Each stakeholder at the decision table has an agenda, priorities, and a set of key performance indicators (KPI) that imaging vendors need to commit to improving.
A basic decision table which is being perfected according to the principle of constant learning on the basis of examples of realization of typical processes (resulting from the assumed specialty of the contractor) in similar conditions is shown in Table 2.
From this lookup decision table results the quant for command and then command on step k:
64sec (going +5) effort, regained pole position in the Split Decision table when shocking defending champion Rapid Ranger in Tuesday's quarter-finals, writes Jonathan Kay
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