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a table of all contingencies and the actions to be taken for each

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Decision table S is an evaluation system of government's response capability to network opinion on public emergencies (as shown in Table 3).
In order to obtain the minimum decision rules, firstly a decision table shall be set up, in which the decision schemes are the permutations and combinations of the 6 combinations as shown in Fig.
So rather than create a decision table, Fujitsu developed a method to calculate approximations of the feature values corresponding to these indices based on program variables and the number of branches in the code, which can be used to analyze large-scale resources.
For that purpose the methods Constrained Induction of Polynomial Equations for Regression (CIPER) and New CIPER are employed for heuristic search of the best polynomial for a given decision table.
The power of decision tables, in Machine Learning: ECML-95: 8th European Conference on Machine Learning, April 25-27, 1995, Heraclion, Crete, Greece.
Maybe this New Year is the opportunity for nurse leaders to seize the policy and decision table with care innovations that reduce the deficit and growth in health care spending.
Table 1 The paper-based decision table Circle the appropriate letter to indicate your choice from each of the ten pairs below.
The decision table contains, in addition to the columns related to vulnerability, contribution degree and use duration criteria, as many columns as decision makers (D1, D2 .
Rows of the decision table correspond to objects, and columns correspond to features.
Although we elected to characterize uncertainty by analyzing variability in biomass estimates from historical stock assessments, an alternative approach might be to use decision table results, which are a required element in groundfish stock assessments.
A decision table is appended that includes detailed questions that will lead schools, districts, and states to inventory instructional content and available technology; evaluate educator, student, and parent readiness to participate successfully in distance learning; and evaluate state and district operating plans to support various distance learning options.
The decision table with posterior probabilities (Tab.
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