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Hansen in a research entitled "The effects of information volume and cognitive style on the quality of decision in serious financial decision making condition" studied the Effect of information volume and cognitive style of audit on prediction of bankruptcy in corporate.
Clayman, "An Integrative Model of Shared Decision Making in Medical Encounters," Patient Education & Counseling 60 (2006): 301-312, at 304-05.
The article is organized in two directions: first briefly reviewing the literature on traditional and emerging decision theories and at the end by proposing the descriptive model of decision making process in crisis situations.
To promote effective decision making in the counseling process, rehabilitation professionals may benefit from understanding the basics of the neuro-cognitive mechanics of decision making.
This paper explains how perceptions of hierarchy in decision making are related to beliefs about influence over change and implementation decisions in Piedmont.
He changed his decision-making process to increase cognitive conflict and many credit that change to better decision making in handling the Cuban missile crisis.
A cognitive information processing approach to career problem solving and decision making.
However many companies feel the compliance process has helped to streamline communication for decision making at many other levels.
Students with disabilities are often not taught cognitive decision making skills, and many leave high school with very little training in how to make decisions about careers.
I would propose a conference of health plan medical directors be convened to discuss this issue and develop an industry-wide approach to medical necessity decision making.
Hartung (2002) emphasized that collectivism relates positively and significantly to family expectations of and influences on occupational decision making and planning.
It is imperative that citizens in a democracy be educated on topics related to the use of force, particularly critical thinking and ethical decision making, in order to fulfill their role in the democratic process.
Indeed (as stated three times in the first 37 pages), "French exceptionalism in industrial relations consists mainly in the exclusion of labour from both firm and national decision making.
We have previously described the core elements of conferencing as: widening the circle, taking/sharing responsibility for solutions, culturally competent practice, family leadership and empowerment, family driven solutions, community partnerships and private family decision making time (Adams & Chandler, 2003).