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This survey is one of a series of thought-leadership surveys of federal decision makers conducted by Market Connections on behalf of Cisco.
However, as one becomes increasingly infirm or incapacitated, values about autonomy frequently attenuate, and more complexities are introduced as proxy decision makers become involved.
Whether your are submitting two estimates per week or 20, your responsibility as an estimator is to manage your time to ensure that "all bases are covered" and that the case (estimate) you present to the decision makers (judge) is accurate and complete to the best of your ability.
If a finding of incapacity is made by the probate, a substitute decision maker is usually appointed by the court (i.
In both, the factors were the gender of the decision maker (male and female) and culpability (either the male is more culpable or the female is more culpable).
It discusses the marketing of library "products" through supplementing traditional measures of input and output with considerations of impact and by seeking to adapt and express library products in terms of the cognitive universes of decision makers.
Jigsaw Decision Maker Lists are drawn from this community-built database, which includes many hard-to-find titles such as directors and managers.
Designed for top business and technology executives from a wide range of industries, The Security Standard will cultivate dialogue amongst key security decision makers that will strengthen policies and protocols against malicious activity.
Announced at the CMO Council's second European Summit this week in London, the market intelligence program will be based on surveys of 500,000 IT professionals and business decision makers that comprise TechTarget's IT Research Panel and its 4.
Survey Shows Government IT Decision Makers Spending More Time on Solutions
17, Boston Marriott in Newton, Massachusetts) draws over 500 senior financial decision makers to discuss today's most pressing societal, business and technology issues affecting key financial decision makers.
Through this global guide a user can easily cross-reference brands with their parent companies and reach their target decision makers.
Identification and analysis of the criteria used by SMB decision makers as they make plans for messaging system deployments and upgrades through 2009.
The Blue Shield of California Foundation (BSCF) and the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) are jointly funding start-up of the nation's first center where health care decision makers, stakeholders, and experts can work together in a neutral forum to design real-world studies on emerging medical technologies, according to the nonprofit Health Technology Center (HealthTech), which is managing the effort.
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