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the kind of intellectual who converts messages from a code to plain text

a reader capable of reading and interpreting illegible or obscure text

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Somoza's narrative begins when Heracles Pontor, a well-known Decipherer of Enigmas, is retained by Diagoras of Mardontes, a teacher of philosophy at Plato's academy, to investigate the circumstances surrounding the gruesome death of Tramachus, one of his outstanding pupils.
But Heracles Pontor, known as the Decipherer of Enigmas, is not convinced.
Earlier still, he describes an occasion when the Royal Mail was overtaken by a "tawdry thing from Birmingham, a Tallyho or Highflier, all flaunting with green and gold" and covered with "as much writing and painting on its sprawling flanks as would have puzzled a decipherer from the tombs of Luxor" (191).
His brother Dillwyn -- my uncle Dilly -- was a wartime codebreaker and a peacetime decipherer of ancient Greek manuscripts.
If, for instance, the decipherer will claim that the sign G[A.
Smith, a retiring editor who "knows as much about the domestic lives of the Carlyles as anyone now living" and is further an incomparable decipherer of their handwriting (Letters 25: vii).
Nonetheless, while no one doubts Rawlinson's courage and commitment, his reputation as a decipherer is no longer what it was.
There is also no reference to undeciphered scripts, apart from the Etruscan script (where it is the underlying language, rather than the Greek-derived signs themselves, that remains a mystery)--not to mention an absence of the great decipherers Jean-Francois Champollion and Michael Ventris.