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converted from cryptic to intelligible language


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The researchers are now turning their attention to the last remaining scroll that has yet to be deciphered," the university said.
Presupposing a language to be deciphered is an incorrect approach, he says.
During WWII, he was sent to England to work under British command that deciphered German communications.
For the first time, researchers have deciphered the DNA code of a tree.
However, once deciphered, the new rules go a long way toward granting trustees the tools they need to better match trust distributions and the related tax obligation than did the old rules.
Kemal, odds-on favourite to be evicted on Friday, successfully deciphered the encrypted message sent by Agent 00 Gnome on Tuesday.
The codes, which are made up of a series of numbers and letters reveal, once deciphered, what tax and allowances are relevant to individual tax payers.
Willis was speaking several weeks ago on one of the final days of filming for a new action drama, ``Mercury Rising,'' in which he plays a federal agent protecting an autistic boy who has deciphered some volatile classified information.
Indeed, the same Jesuit priest in Mexico who originally deciphered the Mayan alphabet also staged an auto da fe in 1562, burning as native idolatry an entire library of Mayan books.
The book's pages contained clues that, when successfully deciphered, led readers to the exact locations of 18-karat gold tokens hidden throughout the continental U.
Ugaritic had already been deciphered, so the researchers would know if they got a valid result.
During WWII, he was sent to England to work under a British command that intercepted and deciphered coded German communications.
In Walker's voice, the authors use the original find and their own discoveries as a basis for discussions of evolution and how fossils are deciphered.
The Man Who Deciphered Linear B: The Story of Michael Ventris.
The subtler autobiographical impulses in Picasso's work are deciphered, too.