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Antonyms for deciphered

converted from cryptic to intelligible language


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The left hand stumbled slowly and painfully across the paper, and it was with extreme difficulty that we deciphered the scrawl.
Further, she was lady paramount over certain vaults in the basement, sharply spiked off from communication with the predatory world; and over the relics of the current day's work, consisting of blots of ink, worn-out pens, fragments of wafers, and scraps of paper torn so small, that nothing interesting could ever be deciphered on them when Mrs.
I was staring at the strange message which I had scrawled, as he deciphered it, upon a sheet of foolscap on my knee.
Ugaritic had already been deciphered, so the researchers would know if they got a valid result.
Washington, July 1 (ANI): A computer successfully deciphered an ancient language Ugaritic in just a couple of hours.
A presentation was made at the National Institutes of Health to recognize the work of Marshall Nirenberg, who along with colleagues, cracked the genetic code of living organisms and deciphered the codons for all twenty amino acids in the 1960s.
In this second edition Mr Robinson adheres to his two earlier divisions: the first looks at three famous deciphered scipts: Egyptian hieroglyphs, Linear B and the Mayan Glyphs from Central America.
For the first time, researchers have deciphered the DNA code of a tree.
Kemal, odds-on favourite to be evicted on Friday, successfully deciphered the encrypted message sent by Agent 00 Gnome on Tuesday.
The subtler autobiographical impulses in Picasso's work are deciphered, too.
The book's pages contained clues that, when successfully deciphered, led readers to the exact locations of 18-karat gold tokens hidden throughout the continental U.
In Walker's voice, the authors use the original find and their own discoveries as a basis for discussions of evolution and how fossils are deciphered.
The Man Who Deciphered Linear B: The Story of Michael Ventris.
I must have deciphered a hidden glamour in its laconic gravity; I must have appreciated the fork and spoon, dangling; I must have loved the way these dining utensils topped or supplemented the two-part canvas (mysteriously hinged in the center), reminding me that life was material plain, oral.
Also included is a deciphered platform roadmap for Intel's computing processor product lines.