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a metric unit of length equal to one tenth of a meter

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Lashley then showed a map of the decimetric radio emission around Jupiter, discussed types of burst of signal from the planet, and conceded that while this was partially understood, much remained to be learned.
It can also operate in decimetric mode when coupled with a high accuracy receiver like the Raven Phoenix 300 DGPS receiver and a Raven DGPS Enhancer.
Two decimetric porphyry dykes and their respective footwalls and hanging walls returned values of 12.
Thales has launched a new generation of decimetric Differential GPS (DGPS) positioning systems, offering the oil, gas and hydrographic industries new levels of accuracy and quality of service, with no range restrictions from reference stations.
Two grab samples, 100 metres apart, from decimetric quartz veins with sulfides yielded values of 0.