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a metric unit of length equal to one tenth of a meter

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Announcing the launch of SkyFix XP, Senior-Vice President of the Thales Positioning Based Solutions Group, Stanislas Guerin said: "SkyFix XP is ideal for all offshore operations and activities, providing highly reliable and dynamic decimetric positioning accuracy anywhere in the world, with no range limitations from stations.
More locally, some decimetric to metric shear zones with ankerite-chlorite alteration and quartz-carbonate veins are developed within the volcaniclastic sequence.
It consists of sandstones, dark quartzites and black slates alternating on a decimetric to metric scale.
Interpretation: The shales and sandstones are arranged in decimetric Bouma-type sequences, Tc-e and Tb-e.
Characteristically, different (up to 5) decimetric beds of conglomerate are recognised within the argillite units.
The oldest recognized rocks form a heterogeneous sequence of alternating decimetric to metric thick layers of brown shales, quartzites and greywackes.
Thus, each elemental sequenceisconsidered equivalent in terms of temporal meaning and tendency to other well-known cycles, such as metric to decimetric cycles made up of marls, charophyte limestones and palustrine limestones representing infilling and reduction of the depth of small lakes and ponds.
At the base, in the Rabejac Fm, both reptilians (Pelycosauria, Parareptilia, Lepidosauria), and amphibians (Temnospondyls) show a moderate size ranging from decimetric to metric; the latters being less abundant and diversified.
At the base of a decimetric light grey limestone bed, 32 m above the base of the unit, a maze of burrows attributed to Spongeliomorpha sudolica together with Asterosoma ludwigae (Fig.
The upper calcareous member is formed by yellow limestones with some detrital micas, arranged in decimetric beds.
12), is a thick alternation of anhydrite and dolomite in metric to decimetric levels.