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destroying or killing a large part of the population (literally every tenth person as chosen by lot)

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Semiconductor R&D engineers working on new digital MEMS designs can take immediate advantage of the APx PDM option, generating modulated PDM bitstreams and sending them directly to decimation stages with no further conversion or hardware.
Besides this, he added, Decimation Plant would be set up with the cooperation of International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA), which has the capability to purify 0.
Those old enough to remember the Tory years of Thatcher and Major through the 1980s and early 1990s of over three million unemployed, the decimation of manufacturing - especially here in the North-east - rampant interest rates of 15%-plus, selling off the family silver, i.
Hot on the heels of bluetongue, FMD, raw material inflation and a decade-long decimation of dairy farming, Hilary Benn's mob have left farmers with a bad taste in the mouth to rival UHT itself.
Specific topics include: a pseudo real-time system for visualization of 3D scenes, modeling and visualization of moving objects on a digital map, a comparison of efficient decimation algorithms for polygonal models, and an indoor navigational aid system for the visually impaired.
When he wasn't alienating some with his fierce opposition to abortion rights, contraception, and sex outside marriage, he was enraging others with his total disregard for the violent history and decimation of native cultures at the hands of Christian colonizers and his comments that Brazilian predecessors had willingly converted to Christianity.
Knecht breaks up the gripping narrative with chapters on the toothfish's history and rapid decimation as a result of modern fishing techniques.
In the White House it's even starker: From the decimation of the CIA to the destruction of FEMA for ideological reasons, George Bush has made it clear that he's uninterested in facts on the ground.
Author Reece spent a year witnessing the decimation of a single mountain--Lost Mountain--and surveys strip mining as not just a local concern but as a icon for a mainstream crisis involving businesses, government and the environment alike.
We have made great progress in dealing with HIV/AIDS, and yet we have not been able to stem its spread nor curtail its relentless decimation of human life.
Out of the wreck we've created--dozens of family farms disappearing daily, factory farms poisoning our watersheds, the widespread use of chemicals, growth hormones, and genetic engineering in our food sources, the decimation of rural landscapes in fits of urban sprawl--must come an overall shifting of how we think about the resources we consume and the land that sustains us.
the dispossession and decimation of the First Americans'.
The real battle will be to market this stow about the decimation of the gay community without the rage that, I guess, has kept the mainstream away.
In effect, the numbers point to a decimation and crippling of a generation of Iraqis.
In the seventeenth century, buffeted by the collapse of the wool trade and the decimation of their offspring by plague, these top families demonstrated remarkable agility in staying on top.