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the act of changing to a decimal system

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Advocates of the adoption of decimalization argue that the finer gradation of stock prices will benefit investors.
After decimalization, the hypothesis that liquidity suppliers do not earn rents cannot be rejected.
And while the NYSE has said it's ready for decimalization, industry observers think it's highly unlikely the Big Board will make the change on its own.
Volatile markets, tighter margins, Basel II compliance, 24x7 market access and decimalization have created the need to model larger, more complex data sets creating new demand for sophisticated, powerful analytic tools to enable profitable business performance.
Our enterprise software helps high-volume traders tackle the increasing challenges of managing massive amounts of market data generated by tighter agency regulations, decimalization and market fragmentation.
He also ran market-data processing, overseeing their decimalization conversion efforts in 2001.
Additionally, decimalization and the decline in NASDAQ trading volumes negatively impacted the profitability of Schwab's business.
Changes in trading strategies and technology spawned by decimalization, falling transaction charges, ECNs, market and liquidity fragmentation are forcing firms to incorporate direct feed data onto their market data services to drive down latency and remain competitive.
Details Impact of Algorithmic Trading, ECNs, Soft Dollars, Decimalization, OMS, TCA, Market Structure, Crossing Networks, Trading
Investment banking revenues are down due to low volume and competition while weak equity prices and decimalization serve to pressure commissions.
The report discusses the impact of fragmentation and decimalization, how algorithmic trading and black box modeling tax the industry's infrastructure, viewing the trading organization as a "factory", the impending shakeout and its impact on the hedge fund sector within three years, the new future for customer relationships and how essential CRM technology has been underutilized.
Harborside+, the neutral and confidential large block trading service, announced today results of a recent survey conducted among large block institutional traders on the impact of decimalization.
The systems were designed over several years with industry initiatives such as decimalization and Super Montage in mind, and have as their primary objectives, ease-of-use, scalability, flexibility and compliance.
He is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Marquette University, serves on the Investment Company Institute task force on market structure and is known as a high-profile investor advocate for his views on soft dollars and decimalization.
He was responsible for the build out and launch of a 250-station trading floor six weeks after September 11th; he managed the firm's decimalization and Euro transitions, and its Y2K upgrades; he also led the integration of Oppenheimer & Co.