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the dot at the left of a decimal fraction

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R = retract amount at the end of the cut, again, the value is given without a decimal point.
Change those values from general to 'number' with the appropriate number of decimal points.
Pediatric medication errors often involve misplaced decimal points or improperly calculated weight conversions.
Instructors can ask multiple-choice, true/false, and advanced numeric questions with positive and negative numbers and decimal points.
Ikea and John Lewis both had CSIs of 161 but Ikea scored fractionally higher before decimal points were rounded up or down.
In the December '04 issue in the "Short But Stout" article about new broadhead designs, I believe the decimal points were misplaced in describing the thickness of the Barrie and Eastman replaceable blades.
Front-panel programmable parameters include max/min set speed, decimal points, operating mode (master or follower), and the constant that takes into account motor gear ratios.
Research has shown 18 per cent of Welsh adults are not confident with their maths, 25 per cent admit being confused by decimal points, while 36 per cent struggle with fractions.
It showed 18% of Welsh adults are not confident with maths, 25% fail to understand decimal points, 36% struggle with fractions and 31% can't cope with percentages.
Just remember to ignore the decimal points on the P, Q, and R values and life is groovy.
The Decimal Points also included Rosalyn Navaroli, Jane Maguire, Nona Ojala and Nancy Swanson.
For example, the placement of decimal points may be overlooked if a zero is not used before the decimal--0.
If you want to have your decimal points always line up, consider replacing the # with a question mark (?
Jack Williams, who is a self-confessed fan of the fountain pen, says modern computerised marking systems used for GCSEs often miss the pen strokes, and this could lead for example, to crucial decimal points being missed in maths exams.
EUR/USD, USD/GBP are now quoted to 5 decimal points, USD/JPY to 3 and shares as much as 1/1000th of a cent.