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the dot at the left of a decimal fraction

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After questioning Trissy about the question pictured above, I realised that she had been mistakenly thinking that the first place after the decimal point had the value "oneths".
Decimal Point Analytics is a financial research company providing bespoke solutions to global hedge funds, PE funds, securities brokers, etc.
Line up the decimal points and solve the problem as you would any other number.
However, when ratings are calculated beyond the decimal point, Angelo Mathews' side is ranked ahead of India, and now sits in second place.
Another interesting snippet about Villa's 1957 cup side is that only just over a year earlier, and with virtually the same side, Villa only managed to escape relegation by a decimal point margin.
16 donation (although it's likely they wouldn't mind if you moved that decimal point to the right a couple of notches).
A 1-0 series win for New Zealand will mean it will join West Indies on 87 points but will be ranked in seventh position when the ratings are calculated beyond the decimal point.
This swing will mean Pakistan will jump to the number-one position on 125 ratings points and Sri Lanka will join India and South Africa on 123 ratings points, but will be ranked above those sides when the ratings are calculated beyond the decimal point.
Then we miffed the arithmetic by failing to move a decimal point over two places.
The competition was so fierce that when the average score across the flights were calculated it all came down to a decimal point.
But of the statistics, Swann said: "Some players abide by them and know their averages down to the 10th decimal point but I've never been like that.
7 = 35 and moved the decimal point two places to the left = 0.
But after an hour of stress and worry they discovered that the bill for pounds 6,380 was the result of an error over a decimal point and they actually owed only pounds 63.
They are no longer taught approximation and consequently have no idea where the decimal point should go in a calculation.
FRACTIONS TO PERCENTS-To convert a fraction to a percentage, first convert to a decimal, then shift the decimal point 2 places to the right.