decimal digit

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a digit from 0 to 9 in decimal notation

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Anyone curious about 4 billion decimal digits of pi can check Kanada's site at: http://www.
Assuming this form of the construction of three-term recurrence coefficients with n = 8 and s = 2, we obtain three-term recurrence coefficients with 14 decimal digits precision while working with double precision numbers.
The table shows the bit size of the input, the number of encoded decimal digits, and the number of encyption operations per second.
Even with 64-bit representation only 15 to 17 accurate decimal digits can be expected for floating-point operations in general (Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Many problems in science require greater precision than just the seven significant decimal digits afforded by a 32-bit word.
Here n is the number of decimal digits preceding the underscore.
Although the RTC chip may indicate the year with only two decimal digits, microcontrollers depending on this year information can be programmed to effect the year 2000 rollover smoothly.
These problems can arise from computer programs representing calendar dates with just six decimal digits, a format that allows only two digits for the year.
Decimal digits for economic viability extended to 3 decimal places
Column F has a list of decimal digits and in subsequent columns is the Roman equivalent for each power of 10.
Note that even though only 29 decimal digits of cos(100*Pi) are printed, the internal representation of its mantissa contains seven words: the precision has automatically been increased.
An alphametic, as most Word Ways readers are surely aware, is a puzzle like SEND + MORE = MONEY, in which letters are to be replaced with decimal digits to make a valid addition sum.
Iterating the process of summing the squares of the decimal digits of a number and if the process terminates in 4, then the original number is called Unhappy Number (UN).
13,466,917] - 1, which runs to 4,053,946 decimal digits.
This means that, recurring from 0 to n, we must expect a loss of about d or d + 1 decimal digits of accuracy.