decimal digit

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a digit from 0 to 9 in decimal notation

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Anyone curious about 4 billion decimal digits of pi can check Kanada's site at: http://www.
Assuming this form of the construction of three-term recurrence coefficients with n = 8 and s = 2, we obtain three-term recurrence coefficients with 14 decimal digits precision while working with double precision numbers.
showing that all fifteen decimal digits shown of the 53-bit result are in fact correct.
5 Interesting Note: Iterating the process of summing the squares of the decimal digits of a number in both sequence UN, and HN then the process terminates in 4, and in 1 respectively, i.
n] are integers consisting of one or more decimal digits ([1], [2]).
14159265, the decimal digits of pi run on forever, and there is no discernible pattern to ease the task.
Other protocol implementations are likely vulnerable to similar failures since reading strings and interpreting the characters as decimal digits is a fairly common programming task, especially in string-based protocols such as HTTP, RTSP, SMTP, etc.
discovered the first prime number with at least 1 million decimal digits.
The seconds, minutes, hours, days, weekdays, months and years registers are all coded in binary-coded decimal (BCD) format for easy conversion to decimal digits for printing or display and faster decimal calculations.
Computer scientists at the University of Tokyo computed the number pi to 206,158,430,000 decimal digits, surpassing their own previous world record (156: 255).
Braun Medical infusion pumps that allow for numeric data entry also have large easy to read displays and display decimal digits in a significantly different size than the whole numbers.
0 include support to enter and store 4 decimal digits for all unit and package cost fields and the ability to specify preferred vendors by site and site-group.
A team of researchers has now demonstrated that numbers consisting of 155 decimal digits (or 512 bits), typically used for securing commercial Internet transactions, no longer provide adequate protection.
In the RSA scheme, the numbers used in Internet applications typically have about 150 decimal digits (512 bits).
In the RSA scheme, the numbers involved typically have 309 decimal digits (1,024 bits).