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Synonyms for dentition

the eruption through the gums of baby teeth

the kind and number and arrangement of teeth (collectively) in a person or animal

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M/m: Missing tooth/teeth due to caries in permanent and deciduous dentition.
12) It affects permanent rather than deciduous dentition.
Posterior crossbite in the deciduous dentition period, its relation with sucking habits, irregular orofacial functions, and otolaryngological findings.
The biogenetic course of the deciduous dentition," Journal of Dental Research, vol.
4,10 It has been suggested that the deciduous dentition has a curve of Spee ranging from flat to mild, whereas the adult curve of Spee is more pronounced.
Schmidt- Kittler (1976) and Chen and Schmidt-Kittler (1983) confirmed the distinctiveness of Percrocuta and Adcrocuta in the revision of Neogene hyaenids based on major differences in the deciduous dentition, among other factors.
Additional teeth were equal in size and well-rooted--clearly not retained deciduous dentition.
The primary outcome was caries increment in the permanent or deciduous dentition as measured by the change in decayed, (missing), filled tooth surfaces (D(M) FS/d(m)fs) from baseline.
indet (SDSM 82105) The isolated nature of the tooth and the lack of known deciduous dentition of late Oligocene early Miocene carnivores does not allow for assignment of this specimen to genus.
In a young child with deciduous dentition, replacement of the tooth can lead to damage to the developing crown of a permanent tooth--damage ranging from a mild discoloration to frank malformation.
In a young child with deciduous dentition, replacement can lead to damage to the developing crown of a permanent tooth from a mild discoloration to frank malformation.
Four of the 23 subadult individuals (as defined by cranial fusions) still retained their deciduous dentition, 15 were marked by newly erupting permanent dentition (e.
Double tooth is more commonly found in deciduous dentition, is more prevalent in the anterior maxillary region, but they can also be seen unilaterally or bilaterally in either the maxillary or mandibular permanent dentition.
It generally initiates with the completion of deciduous dentition eruption and ends with the eruption or removal of an impacted tooth.