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the epithelial tissue of the endometrium

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However, high IFN-[gamma] expression in the deciduas is detrimental to pregnancy.
Various naturally occurring substances like Datura-stramonium [17], Henna [18], Prosopis juliflora [19], Fiaes religeosa [20], Ficus virens [21], Capparis deciduas [22], Annona squamosa, Ponamia glabra, ginger [23], garlic [24], Artocarpus heterophyllus [25], Acaccia senegal [26] have been evaluated as a effective corrosion inhibitors.
Biosynthesis and metabolism of prostaglandins in human fetal membranes and uterine deciduas.
Corrosion inhibition by capparis deciduas in acidic media.
Endotoxin derived from periodontal pathogens in women with periodontal disease might signal preterm labour through primed monocyte macrophage activation in peripheral blood and deciduas.
Karir Cappris aphyllal Cappris deciduas Chag Crotolaria burhia Popilionaceae Common name Uses Trees Kikar -Branches, leaves and pods used as fodder, bark used for tanning leather, wood for furniture and building material Siris -branches, leaves and pods used as fodder, wood for furniture, fuel and building material.
Primum refert aureas apes, velut ab aethere deciduas, symbola childerici I.
We also know that the deciduas of the uterus provides a certain degree of environmental privilege for the growth of the allogenic fetus, but the axilla has never been cited in medical literature as a privileged site.