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the epithelial tissue of the endometrium

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It is highly expressed in dendritic cells on mucosal tissue and has also been found to be highly expressed in placental tissue on maternal decidual cells and fetal Hofbauer cells.
4) This precedes the "double decidual sign," which consists of two concentric echogenic rings: the decidua capsularis surrounding the gestational sac, and the decidua parietalis representing the opposite wall of the endometrium, often separated by a thin collection of fluid within the endometrial cavity (Figure 2).
Some of the other pathological features observed were placental infarction, decidual vessel thrombosis, chronic villitis and excessive perivillous fibrin deposition.
2008), including cyto-and syncytiotrophoblast as well as decidual mononuclear cells/macrophages and NK cells (Hanna et al.
What surprised the researchers, she said, was the observation of sickling within the decidual vasculature with stasis and infarction-"a phenomenon that had not previously been reported.
The failure of communication between trophoblast cells and decidual immune cells in the placenta, results in poor placentation which leads to poor remodeling of spiral arteries, systemic inflammatory response, dysfunctional maternal endothelium, poor placental oxygenation and hypoxic conditions.
Paying attention to the presence of trophoblastic and/or decidual ghost cells, the 2 can be easily distinguished.
The maternal side was perfused by introducing three blunt metal cannulas into the intervillous space by penetration of the decidual plate.
A recognition system for sex-hormone-binding protein-estradiol complex in human decidual endometrium plasma membranes.
The third compartment is peridecidua which contains fibroblasts that are in the process of redifferentiating into decidual cells.
An additional uncommon pseudoneoplastic lesion of eosinophilic cells that can be encountered in the gut is due to infiltration by decidual cells.
Effects of endotoxins and cytokines on the secretion of platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase by human decidual macrophages.
In a case review of 131 pregnancies with confirmed sickle cell trait, in which a detailed pathological examination of the placenta was performed, the researchers found that all of the placentas had aggregates of sickled red blood cells in the intervillous space and decidual vessels.
It was shown to significantly reduce serum progesterone concentration and degenerate the decidual cells and fetus of treated pregnant rats (22).
An interesting histologic finding among the endometrial and myometrial necrosis was a profile of a vessel containing lesion that appeared similar to the fibrinoid necrosis and atherosis seen in maternal decidual vasculopathy in pregnancy (Figure).