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the epithelial tissue of the endometrium

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Pathophysiology of placenta creta: the role of decidua and extravillous trophoblast.
Formation of decidua is still a poorly understood process in mammalian pregnancy.
21,38-44) Clusters of multinucleate giant cells in the decidua basalis and excessive numbers of extravillous trophoblasts are less commonly seen in this than in other patterns of diffuse hypoxic placental injury, (21) most likely because of the association of PR with deep trophoblastic, myometrial invasion, which was proven, at least in maternal anemia.
Also maternal LPS exposure significantly increases inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) expression in decidual and myometrial cells and nitric oxide (NO) production in decidua and uterine [3].
They turned their attention to studying the properties of the decidua, the specialized structure that encases the fetus and placenta, and there, in a mouse model, they found new answers.
Apoptosis in human chorionic villi and decidua in normal and ectopic pregnancy.
Extracts from Alnus glutinosa (stem bark and leaves), Carpinus betulus (leaves and stem bark), Castanea sativa (stem bark), Ilex aquifolium (leaves), Larix decidua (leaves), Quercus petraea (stem bark) and Quercus robur (leaves) showed for the first time potent in vitro growth inhibitory activity (Frederich et al.
The maternal portion (the decidua basalis) facilitates the interaction of uterine lining with the trophoblast.
But perhaps, the real standout in bleak midwinter is possumhaw, Ilex decidua.
Distinctive shrubby species are relatively infrequent: Amorpha croceolanata, Asimina triloba, Ilex decidua, Symphoricarpos orbiculatus, and Viburnum rufidulum.
Link P I 3755 [Hedge-parsley] Aquifoliaceae Ilex decidua Walter [Deciduous C, S N 4228 holly] Asteraceae Ambrosia psiloslachya DC.
Expression and localization of human oxytocin receptor mRNA and its protein in chorion and decidua during parturition.
The cytotrophoblast separates both the circulations and extends into the decidua basalis to form villi.