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Moreover, developmental differences would be expected between upper and lower classmen with regards to traits such as Career Decidedness and Sense of Identity due to normal and expected increases in self-knowledge and vocational maturity.
The CDMI measures the individual along eight dimensions: Decidedness, Comfort, Career Choice Anxiety, External Barrier, and Need for Career Information, Readiness, Career Salience, and Inconsistent Information.
The Palestinian refugees' predicament in Lebanon must be handled with decidedness and urgency.
Validity has been demonstrated by increased decidedness scores for test-takers who participated in career planning interventions.
Duffy and Sedlacek (2007a) also found that 1st-year college students who experienced the presence of a calling were more decided, clear, and comfortable about their career choices, whereas those who were searching for a calling experienced less career decidedness and clarity.
Additionally, adaptive career beliefs have been shown to be related to career decidedness and career decision making (Sadeghi, Baghban, Bahrami, Ahmadi, & Creed, 2010); and, in a number of studies, less adaptive career beliefs have been shown to be malleable when students participate in various types of exploration activities (Kovalski & Horan, 1999; Luzzo & Day, 1999; Schnorr, 1998).
Lau and Shaffer (1999), Hamer and Bruch (1997), Lounshury, Hutchens and Loveland (2005) agreed that a correlation exists between personality traits and career decidedness, career success, and job satisfaction.
Also discussed is the Career Decidedness Study, developed to improve counseling skills and the services offered to employees seeking career counseling at the Motorola Mesa Career Management Center.
The relationship between expectations of self-efficacy for career decision-making tasks and changes in career decidedness.
The results also revealed that CDMSE was positively related to vocational decidedness and occupational self-efficacy.
Career decidedness and psychological well-being: A two-cohort longitudinal study of undergraduate students and recent graduates.
Construct validity was demonstrated, with the CSES being related to career decidedness and career search activities (Solberg, Good, Fischer, Brown, & Nord, 1995).
Intentionality and decidedness about actions and behaviors are a central part of maturing.