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Given the evidence that career development learning can serve as a specific personal pedagogy that improves career decision-making skills, career decidedness and vocational identity (Folsom & Reardon, 2003; Fouad et al.
The CFI scores' validity is supported by findings they correlate negatively with measures of career decidedness (Chartrand & Robbins, 1997) and positively with measures of anxiety, self-esteem, and goal instability (Chartrand et al.
Career interventions are not quick and simple and practitioners need to 'allow for less certainty in outcomes, less decidedness, and less surety' (Krieshok, 200 , p.
Engagement in adolescent career preparation: Social support, personality and the development of choice decidedness and congruence.
The first, Decidedness, assesses the level of decidedness upon an occupation.
Construct validity was established by correlations between the Decidedness subscale with measures of career indecision and career salience; the Comfort subscale with measures of career indecision, trait anxiety, and self-efficacy; the Self-Clarity subscale with measures of trait anxiety, identity achievement status, vocational identity, self-esteem, and state anxiety; the Knowledge subscale with measures of the Occupational Information subscale of the MVS; the Decisiveness subscale with measures of global instability, trait anxiety, social anxiety, and self-esteem; and the Career Choice Importance subscale with measures of career salience.
Efficacy and outcome expectations influence carccr exploration and decidedness.
continuity, hope, and career decidedness than did the control group.
intervention ro foster time perspective and career decidedness in a
Duffy and Sedlacek (2007) found that the presence of a calling was positively correlated with career decidedness, indicating that those who have a calling are more likely to be decided on a particular career.
To what extent are these three constructs related to outcome measures such as satisfaction with choice, decidedness level, and related concepts?
Using multidimensional career decision instruments to assess career decidedness and implementation.
Duffy and Klingaman (2009) found a relationship between higher levels of ethnic identity achievement and career decidedness, choice comfort, indecisiveness, and choice importance among students of color.
Risco and Duffy explored the career decidedness and choice comfort of Latina/o college students.
Lau and Shaffer (1999), Hamer and Bruch (1997), Lounshury, Hutchens and Loveland (2005) agreed that a correlation exists between personality traits and career decidedness, career success, and job satisfaction.