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Synonyms for decide

make a decision


Synonyms for decide

to make a decision about (a controversy or dispute, for example) after deliberation, as in a court of law

to make up or cause to make up one's mind

Synonyms for decide

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On the decidability of membership in the global of a monoid pseudovariety.
In this section we introduce a rewriting system that plays a key role for the decidability question.
14 of his article that "EC is intuitionistically inconsistent with the negation of the decidability thesis.
This disarticulation results from questions arising from the decidability of reliable narration:
They were haunted by a systematicity that included the publishing agenda of the national organization, the distribution of tracts through the network of colportage, colporteurs gathering data and measuring the effects of reading, the auxiliary societies then measuring the results of these measurements, national officials receiving and translating this knowledge into further matters of decidability surrounding what tracts would be produced and when, where to distribute them, how to measure their effects, what to tell colporteurs and why.
Eleven regular papers and eight short papers share recent work on computational complexity and decidability, query processing and data mining, proof systems for temporal reasoning, tree-like structures, and verification of infinite-state systems.
The literature on computability and decidability goes back to Kurt Godel's famous incompleteness proof of 1931.
As critics who purport to be literary, we can and we must do more than think about such conundrums of decidability as if the poem were mere language.
As a consequence, computability, decidability, verification, program generation and search for solution can be exercised on "top level model" and supply designer with valuable data.
On the decidability of query containment under constraints.
1969, Enumerability, Decidability, Computability, Springer, Berlin.
Decidability in the syntax of verbs of (not necessarily) West-Germanic languages.
Suppose that Amy took a class that covered decidability results.
I doubt, for example, if a nonspecialist reader could grasp the difference between what Godel proved about completeness in 1930 and what Alonzo Church proved about decidability in 1936.
In the next section, we use the second part of the theorem to obtain decidability results in the special case of "positive" methods.