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Synonyms for decide

make a decision


Synonyms for decide

to make a decision about (a controversy or dispute, for example) after deliberation, as in a court of law

to make up or cause to make up one's mind

Synonyms for decide

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estimation of decidability and computability of algorithms used in the model
Kreiswirth's "'Paradoxical and Outrageous Discrepancy': Transgression, Auto-intertextuality, and Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha" examines the "Faulknerian move away from coherence, decidability, and toward constant dialogizing [and] transgressive textual activity.
Regarding decidability, there must be an effective procedure for deciding when a given proposition belongs to the system or not.
A powerful technical tool for classifying regular languages and proving decidability results is Eilenberg-Reiterman theory, which assigns classes of finite monoids or single profinite algebras to classes of languages.
Number conserving cellular automata I: decidability.
Also, and more importantly, it advances a theory regarding the relationship between political events and time that can account for both political "undecidability and decidability.
We decided to support OWL-DL, as it provides maximum expressiveness contrary to OWL-Lite and guarantees computational completeness and decidability of reasoning systems contrary to OWL-Full.
The higher the expressive power of a given language, the more computational problems there are regarding complexity and decidability.