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cause to be no longer approved or accepted

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Once the library is decertified, patrons also will not be able to check out materials from libraries other than Hubbardston's.
We are certainly pleased with that, but we remain convinced that the class should be decertified and the case completely reversed.
for both decertified youth and similar offenders retained in adult court.
LEOMINSTER - The trustees of the public library are scheduled to meet today to discuss whether to rescind borrowing privileges for residents of communities with closed or decertified libraries.
SACRAMENTO -- An essential part of Los Angeles County's voting system was decertified by California's secretary of state late Friday, jeopardizing the ability of the nation's most vote-rich county to conduct a presidential primary in February.
It began in 2007 when the California secretary of state decertified the county's electronic voting machines just months before elections.
The reasoning behind the veiled threat is/was this: in closing up shop, the NFL is basically doing what the NFLPA did when they decertified.
As Gulf News reported on February 3, Eida decertified 67 typing centres across the country for several violations, including holding passports, overcharging ID card applicants and typing errors.
Many neighboring communities have adopted policies that would forbid their libraries from loaning materials to residents of communities with decertified libraries.
In August, Bowen decertified the InkaVote system for use in the February presidential primary because of the missing information.
In addition to recertifications, SBA also conducted nearly 1,300 examinations of HUBZone firms over the past two years, and more than half those companies were either decertified or recommended for decertification, the IG said.
California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley decertified Diebold machines in four California counties this year, issued a report condemning their performance in the 2004 primaries in that state, and requested that the attorney general's office launch a criminal investigation of the company.
Although union officials reported progress in negotiations, it ended when, in a tie vote, the union was decertified.
Ryan Berry, saying he was suspended from certain duties and later permanently decertified because he had asked for accommodation of his belief that as a married Catholic man he should avoid situations where he had to spend 24-48 hours in a small underground bunker with a woman.
6 miflion for the Cinar productions it had certified for financing but were subsequently decertified.