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remove the cerebrum from (a human body)

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pneumoniae septicaemia DIC 100 Preterm, bloody stools Respiratory failure (NEC), developed chicken pox 13 days after mother, apnoea, rotavirus-positive stools 102 Preterm, congenital rubella Died on ventilator in syndrome, neurologically decerebrate position impaired, DIC, pyrexia, no other pathogen identified, stools negative for rotavirus at time of death 105 Preterm, respiratory Streptococcus group D deterioration meningitis Case Possibly related number to rotavirus 41 Yes 43 Yes 74 No 76 No 88 Yes 96 No 100 Yes 102 No 105 No NEC = necrotising enterocolitis; DIC = diffuse intravascular coagulopathy.
The picture's sheer length, at nearly two and a half hours, undermines the film's potential frissons as sheer entertainment--and I greatly relish decerebrate action movies.
Decorticate, decerebrate and opisthotonic posturing and seizures in Kenyan children with cerebral malaria.
The diagnosis of hepatic encephalopathy is clinical because the condition develops slowly with sleep disturbance, altered sensorium, tremors, asterixis, hyper-reflexia and decerebrate posturing and coma leading to death in severe cases, however elevated ammonia level is a classical laboratoty finding in these patients.
11) Sign 0 1 2 3 Tone Normal Hypertonia Hyportonia Flaccid Consciousness Normal Hyperalert, stare Lethargic Comatosed Fits Normal infrequent <3 day frequent >2/day Posture Normal Fisting/cycling Strong, distal Decerebrate flexion Moro Normal Partial Absent Grasp Normal Poor Absent Suck Normal Poor Absent [+ or -] bites Respiration Normal Hyperventilation Brief apnea (Apnoea) Fontanelle Normal Full not tense Tense Table 2: Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) score among different groups Studied group Group I Group II Variables N = 16 N = 19 initial HIE score X [+ or -] SD 7.
It has been reported that stretching or vibrating a hip flexor muscle during the stance phase leads to an earlier onset of swing in walking decerebrate catsy.
1966) The reflex excitation of the soleus muscle of the decerebrate cat caused by vibration applied to its tendon.
The child had nonreactive pupils and exhibited decerebrate posturing.
Serotonergic excitatory drive to hypoglossal motoneuron in the decerebrate cat.
On day 7, full neurological examination disclosed no spontaneous respiration, no response to painful stimuli, no decerebrate nor decorticate posturing; fixed, dilated pupils unresponsive to light, no response to ice water irrigation, no corneal or gag reflexes and no deep tendon reflexes.
Glasgow Coma Scale Eyes Open 4 Spontaneous 3 To verbal command 2 To pain 1 No response Motor Response 6 Obeys command 5 Localizes pain 4 Withdraws from pain 3 Decorticate posturing 2 Decerebrate posturing 1 No response Verbal Response 5 Oriented 4 Disoriented 3 Inappropriate words 2 Incomprehensible sounds 1 No response * Total score = Eye response + motor response + verbal response.
Clinical findings include stupor progressing to coma, and respiratory distress progressing to apnea, seizures, decerebrate posturing, fixation of pupils, and flaccid quadriparesis.
During the days that followed, the patient was in a deep coma with decerebrate posture and multiorgan system failure.
Twenty-two hours after the first dose of metronidazole, the boy became unresponsive, with respiratory distress and decerebrate posturing.
Alternative medicine works, to the extent that it does work, by inducing a state of anodyne, complacent, and almost decerebrate contentment in its clientele: a state of mind, or of no mind, much less threatening, and more lucrative, to doctors than that of critical intelligence.