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remove the cerebrum from (a human body)

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Clinically there is extreme irritability, various degree of brain function depression ranging from mere confusion to decerebrate coma (3-8).
This is not to say that the newborn cortex is physiologically irrelevant or that decerebrate infants manifest all the complex (and probably cortical) sensory and cognitive abilities that specialized testing can reveal in normal newborns.
Evocation of postural atonia and respiratory depression by pontine carbachol in the decerebrate cat.
described a patient with severe TBI with decerebrate posturing [18]; because of significant lower-left leg restlessness, the patient developed ulcers.
Throughout the years, terms such as diencephalic autonomic epilepsy (Penfield, 1929), central dysregulation (Bricolo, Turazzi, Alexandre, & Rizzuto, 1977), tonic decerebrate spasms (Cartlidge & Shaw, 1981), tonic cerebellar fits (Davis & Davis, 1982), sympathoadrenal response (Rosner, Newsome, & Becker, 1984), decerebrate rigidity (Klug et al.
Alternating flexor and extensor activity is elicited by hip oscillation in spinalized and decerebrate cats [2627].
Contralateral hindlimb responses to cutaneous stimulation during locomotion in high decerebrate cats.
She held herself in a very stiff kind of position with her left hand in what could be seen as a possible decerebrate position.
Signs of deterioration consist of change in level of consciousness to stupor or coma, hypoventilation or apnea, decerebrate posturing, fixed pupils and flaccid quadriparesis.
May also represent a patient who is nearly recovered from hemorrhage and is alert but has residual neurological deficits such as hemiparesis or dysphasia Grade 4 Moderate to severe bleeding -- patient is stuporous, moderate to severe hemiparesis, early decerebrate rigidity Grade 5 Severe bleeding -- patient in deep coma, decerebrate rigidity, moribund appearance
The child recovered only minimally with eye opening and intact brainstem reflexes, remained unresponsive to verbal stimuli and had decerebrate posturing to painful stimuli.
For example, activating cell bodies in the NRM of decerebrate cats can produce treadmill locomotion [22].
His pupils were sluggishly reactive, he had occasional spontaneous breaths, and he was having decerebrate posturing (Stage 4).
Deep coma, decerebrate rigidy, moribund (GCS = 3-6) recoded as V
Lick and guard responses to nociceptive input depend on spino-bulbo-spinal circuits and are present in decerebrate animals [19].