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the quality of being deceptive

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Running these options in the context of the Wing-T adds greatly to their deceptiveness.
Of course, even the deceptiveness of the face can itself be deceptive.
PETER WESTEN, THE LOGIC OF CONSENT: THE DIVERSITY AND DECEPTIVENESS OF CONSENT AS A DEFENSE TO CRIMINAL CONDUCT 298-99 (2004) (arguing that courts' treatment of husband-impersonation as fraud "in the factum" undercuts the entire fact/inducement logic).
Compliance Manual considers the deceptiveness of an act or practice from
Preston's point is that the legal standard is not deception but deceptiveness.
Gandalf quickly identifies the deceptiveness of Saruman's offer: "[O]nly one hand at a time can wield the One, and you know that well, so do not trouble to say we
Such deceptiveness is a recurring theme in the courtly lyrics of the troubadours and trouveres, who fixed the tradition within which Gawain's "luf-talkyng" was understood.
Historians have long understood the deceptiveness of "facts" and the pretensions of writing "objective" history: they knew the shortcomings of positivism long before the arrival of postmodernism.
The verb [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] often figures in the epiphanic moment of recognition, but, here, the narrator uses it to highlight the inaccuracy of the internal audience's thoughts and the deceptiveness of appearances, a theme that will reappear throughout the Aethiopica.
Greater deceptiveness of switch control than in rail traffic occurs as a result of:
The standard of their deceptiveness has increased and the standard of education has gone down.
She examines each of the three statutory prohibitions--against the registration of deceptive trademarks, "deceptively misdescriptive" trademarks, and "primarily geographically deceptively misdescriptive" trademarks--and how they work in practice and in theory, as well as how the false advertising section of the Lanham Act prohibits deceptive trademarks, the role the consumer should play in determination of deceptiveness, and the statutory solutions.
In drawing attention to the isolation enforced by universal deceptiveness, moreover, he himself becomes more isolated.
In both scenes, the supervisors' looks are mediated and framed by various surveillance apparatuses, emphasizing their role as spectators as well as the potential deceptiveness of the filmic apparatus itself.
However, the statement "up to 30% plant-based" could be taken as meaning the given bottle could be 0% plant-based; here vagueness might be interpreted as deceptiveness.