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in a misleading way

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Bramleys on 01484 530361 3 2 1 LOCATED in an elevated position overlooking the Colne Valley, this three-bedroom semi-detached property is deceptively spacious and well-presented throughout.
Desirable" is Nan's latest Spring/Summer 2016 couture collection, and features a line of gorgeous evening gowns all bearing Nan's signature style: complicated handmade details crafted together for a deceptively simple elegant look.
The second interesting point about this decision is that in addition to denying Amazing Mazes' application on the basis of its mark being merely descriptive, the Board also denied it on the basis of its mark being deceptively misdescriptive.
The firm further said that it was deceptively similar to the domain name being used by it.
DECEPTIVELY SPACIOUS The cottages in Wallridge, Ingoe, north of Stamfordham, Northumberland
sparkling The If extra drop of Pip Gale (inset), general manager of Gale's Wine Bar in Llangollen, holds the International Bartenders' diploma, and is expert at making this deceptively simple yet delicious treat.
Facing charges it deceptively advertised its Wal-Born line of dietary supplements, which claimed to prevent colds, fight germs and boost the immune system, Walgreens has agreed to a $6 million settlement with FTC.
Bearing the mark of the Beach Boys and the Smiths, the Shins (who played ``Saturday Night Live'' last weekend and opened for Belle and Sebastian in 2006 at the Hollywood Bowl) make deceptively simple-sounding pop that lingers.
Baingana's prose is deceptively simple and vibrates off the page with a poetic sensibility not unlike Toni Morrison's.
Flashy title aside, the sophomore pop-rock outing from Scissor Sisters parses out the razzle-dazzle judiciously; the uber-catchy choruses and Jake Shears's stratospheric singing are anchored by deceptively complex songs that sound ageless, not dated.
Recorded in Maui, Hawai'i, the island's post-colonial history serves as a backdrop for a number of tracks, most notably the deceptively sing-songy lament "Hawai'ian Love Song.
It's deceptively easy to mistake the petty skirmishes of the moment for nothing less than such end-of-world scenarios as Armageddon, Ragnarok, and the White Sox winning the World Series.
Each character is living in their own world, dealing with the illness individually and most often deceptively.
While remaining deceptively youthful, Ito is widely accepted to be one of Japan's leading architectural figures, ahead perhaps of direct contemporaries Tadao Ando (who was awarded the Gold Medal in 1996) and Itsuko Hasegawa.
The techniques may seem deceptively simple at first glance, yet have been tested and proven to promote good parenting skills and quality family time.