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in a misleading way

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allegedly violated the FTC Act by deceptively advertising that consumers could pay $0 up-front to lease a vehicle when, in fact, the advertised amounts excluded substantial fees and other amounts.
While remaining deceptively youthful, Ito is widely accepted to be one of Japan's leading architectural figures, ahead perhaps of direct contemporaries Tadao Ando (who was awarded the Gold Medal in 1996) and Itsuko Hasegawa.
Each character is living in their own world, dealing with the illness individually and most often deceptively.
This is a haunting, sad, and yet hopeful tale of one boy's struggle to cope with his father's mental illness, and Myers, author of Monster and many other outstanding books for YAs, makes David and his world come alive for the reader in deceptively simple yet poignant prose.
Sinclair-Foreman's assured and sensitive direction overcomes a limited script and, within its deceptively simple storyline, White Out packs considerable emotional punch.
Shrew employed deceptively classical trappings, yet Mills infused the dancing with contemporary sensibilities through dense, interwoven moves, unconventional pas de deux, and unorthodox touches: Petruchio bicycled to his wedding; the dream sequence duet morphed into a pas de trois with an oversized red ball; and in one hilarious scene, the dancers even spoke.
Nearly 150 years ago, Bernhard Riemann posed a deceptively simple question to his peers at the Berlin Academy: Is there a general rule for figuring out how many prime numbers there are up to a given number?
The agency simply doesn't have what it takes to challenge unsafe and deceptively labeled products.
An eggshell may seem fragile, but its arched shape makes it deceptively strong.
Ml) has peered into the future of the luxury car interior and created a vision that is deceptively Spartan.
One deceptively simple way to put this into practice is suggested by Spirituality & Health's Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat (www.
In fact, the sterile whiteness of the products themselves can be deceptively reassuring.
Though deceptively simple when skimmed, the meditations reward re-reading with profound insights.
Its biographical, anecdotal, and fragmented approach offers confident, knowing, and intimate portraits of the period, but ones that are, in my view, deceptively simple and glib.
The Los Angeles Police Department employed a deceptively simple tactic, traffic barriers, to block automobile access to streets as a way of reducing gang violence.