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  • adj

Synonyms for deceptive

Synonyms for deceptive

tending to lead one into error

Synonyms for deceptive

causing one to believe what is not true or fail to believe what is true


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designed to deceive or mislead either deliberately or inadvertently

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The territorial tax did not entirely disappear in Rabourdin's plan,-- he kept a minute portion of it as a point of departure in case of war; but the productions of the soil were freed, and industry, finding raw material at a low price, could compete with foreign nations without the deceptive help of customs.
Vague recollections of these great abortive schemes of mine left a deceptive glow in my soul and fostered my belief in myself, without giving me the energy to produce.
Yet though deceptive appearances might lead others to misjudge me, I could never overcome my scrupulous delicacy.
Heartily, verily, even when I CREEP into bed--: there, still laugheth and wantoneth my hidden happiness; even my deceptive dream laugheth.
A sensation SEEMS to give us knowledge of a present physical object, while an image does not, except when it amounts to a hallucination, and in this case the seeming is deceptive.
Ablewhite, addressing himself with his deceptive cordiality to Mr.
Only far away the tops of the trees stood outlined on the twinkle of heaven, like a sombre and forbidding shore--a coast deceptive, pitiless and black.
It was now in the first watch of the night; and the pale, quivering, and deceptive light, from a new moon, was playing over the endless waves of the prairie, tipping the swells with gleams of brightness, and leaving the interval land in deep shadow.
But the keen quick glances of his master, soon caught a glimpse of a distant figure, which seemed, through the deceptive light, floating along the very elevation on which he had placed himself.
In this flight of fancy, Mr Swiveller was assisted by a deceptive piece of furniture, in reality a bedstead, but in semblance a bookcase, which occupied a prominent situation in his chamber and seemed to defy suspicion and challenge inquiry.
Couples use deceptive affection because they feel negatively about their partner and want to save face, avoid embarrassing their partner or sidestep a situation that may land them in hot water," Horan said.
In their motion, Jaeger's attorneys contended that the SEC's own experts admitted that the three-corner deals are not "inherently" deceptive.
The bad news: Human beings are lousy at identifying deceptive reviews.
The NCL complaint also asked FTC to halt deceptive label statements for Vitaminwater that describe the product as a "nutrient enhanced water beverage" and that claim "vitamins + water = all you need.
N-D deceptive Buying non-deceptive counterfeit counterfeit mobile sets generally benefits the consumer.