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tending away from a central point

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This restructure is definitely a step toward decentralizing contracting operations and may be a future model for further decentralizing operational sustainment maintenance operations under the theater Army and Army field support brigades.
This business user empowerment allows each organization to contribute unique content; decentralizing the distribution process and reducing the amount of time spent maintaining the site by Webmasters.
Bargaining structures have also been slowly decentralizing.
AMID the recent chaos surrounding the struggle for control of the troubled Los Angeles Unified School District, we must not lose sight of what is working - reforms aimed at decentralizing the district and improving student achievement.
The Program will also help support development throughout New York City, including the creation of modern office space for decentralizing businesses in emerging central business districts.
IF elected mayor, former Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa promises to shake up City Hall by decentralizing authority and empowering neighborhoods.
A network provides the option of completely decentralizing the monitoring process while assigning a network administrator (or another knowledgeable individual) for the "back-up" and "purge" functions.