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tending away from a central point

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Finally, decentralizing credit and collection allows the function more direct authority over its own actions that affect business relations with customers, thus fostering increased accountability over its decisions.
The advantage of decentralizing decisions to local decision makers is increased motivation, which often leads to higher quality of output and more creativity and initiative.
A negative value indicates that the benefits (negative costs) of decentralizing storage are greater than its (positive) costs, while a positive value indicates that its costs are greater than its benefits.
A network provides the option of completely decentralizing the monitoring process while assigning a network administrator (or another knowledgeable individual) for the "back-up" and "purge" functions.
AMID the recent chaos surrounding the struggle for control of the troubled Los Angeles Unified School District, we must not lose sight of what is working - reforms aimed at decentralizing the district and improving student achievement.
Bargaining structures have also been slowly decentralizing.