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withdrawn from a center or place of concentration

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Usually a decentralized approach is the strategy of choice when companies acquire strong brands or divisions, and/or the CEO doesn't want to assert corporate brand authority, either for brand equity or political reasons.
Patient care decisions are highly decentralized to clinicians in all three HMOs.
If volume becomes so large that all specimens must enter a queue, little will have been gained by the proliferation of decentralized laboratories.
Increased corporate size has led to new, decentralized forms of organizations, and with that, new challenges for planning and control.
Decentralized information stormed the beaches on June 6, 1944, and irreparably breached the Atlantic Wall by dusk.
Decentralized Water and Waste Water Treatment:Technology Market Penetration and RoadMapping (Technical Insights)
Introduction : Centres Internationaux de Formation des Acteurs Locaux (CIFAL) was established in 2003 as part of a world network of training centers for decentralized and local leaders and managers.
For these decentralized teams, medical information is still easily accessible by other internal functions that may rely on them.
8 (SUNA) - The Cabinet Affairs Minister and head the sectors committee emerging from the national committee for assessment and evaluation of the decentralized government experiment, Ahmad Saad Omer, said that the country depends on the industrial sectors as the advanced means to realize sustainable development.
in the Federal Government Chamber a workshop on childhood issues and its mechanism in the decentralized government for the framework of the activities of the National Conference on Assessment of the Experiment of the Decentralized Government.
The objective of the Decentralized Community Driven Services Additional financing Project for Benin is to enhance access to decentralized basic social services in Benin.
When deployed, each cube acts as an independent node in a citizen-fueled parallel Internet, where users can be completely anonymous while also taking advantage of fully encrypted, decentralized cloud storage.
Consortium of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment (2009)
351 page 7, a fellow columnist and a prolific writer, William Sunday D Tor, argued eloquently for the adoption of a unitary system of government in South Sudan in the year 2013 as opposed to a decentralized or federal system.
Easily- accessible workstations in healthcare are moving towards a decentralized workstation design, which allows the Registered Nurse (RN) to spend more time with patients.
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