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the social process in which population and industry moves from urban centers to outlying districts

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the spread of power away from the center to local branches or governments

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Downs's book very compactly--but also comprehensively and cogently--encapsulates one side of the urban policy debate: the side that has maintained all along that the decentralization of U.
But even if Clinton finds it impossible to deimperialize" the presidency, he can still help to bring about greater democracy and decentralization in the workplace.
Now, more than ever, decentralization of administrative and financial functions requires that information move smoothly in multiple directions across computer systems and business functions.
Fusion-io has pioneered a next generation storage memory platform for shared data decentralization that significantly improves the processing capabilities within a datacenter by relocating process-critical, or "active," data from centralized storage to the server where it is being processed, a methodology referred to as data decentralization.
According to the official, without changes to the Constitution it is impossible to complete the reform process, but an example of fiscal decentralization proves that these processes can be parallel.
Al-Majali made these remarks as he patronized a national conference about achieving His Majesty the King's vision to build a modern Jordan when it comes to decentralization, good governance and democratic transition.
Albert Musliu, who was part of some researches and analyses on the implementation of the Ohrid Agreement, assesses that the decentralization is at a standstill, especially in the fiscal segment.
Relying too much on such transfers, however, makes sub-national governments fiscally dependent on the central government and hence undermines decentralization.
Administrative decentralization ensures balanced development and strengthens national unity and diversity in Lebanon, away from federalism.
He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's call, during lay the foundation stone for a refinery in Karbala, to the adoption of decentralization in the oil sector and open the door for the private sector , and facilitate granting approvals to applicants in the field of investment to the oil sector, will change the course of state toward the economic development for the advancement of the country's economy .
The process of financial decentralization was stopped in 2011, which resulted in numerous problems for the local authorities and blocked the implementation of key reforms.
The year of 2015 has become irreversible in the decentralization reform.
Albanian parties spoke about the full standardization of the Albanian language, equal budget and full fiscal decentralization to which reacted the Macedonian political camp assessing these demands as attempt for quick federalization of Macedonia.
Sulaymaniyah / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / The / Change Movement/ block in the Council of Sulaymaniyah accused the Kurdistan Regional Government in erecting obstacles and obstacles to the application of the principle of decentralization in the provinces of the Region.
He spoke about cooperation between the government and the Lower House, in terms of legislations and laws pointing to the decentralization draft law, which is being reviewed by the house.