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the spread of power away from the center to local branches or governments

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Fiscal decentralisation, the subject matter of this study, refers to the devolution of policy responsibilities for public spending and revenue collection from the central to the provincial governments.
As a government, we do realise that Namibia still faces considerable challenges in making its far-reaching decentralisation program sustainable and successful.
He also said that the 32nd edition of the Enterprise Days whose theme was "Business and Decentralisation: Dynamism and Opportunities", was a great success and helped raise awareness of the concept of decentralisation and shed light on its positive economic impact.
Les journees de l'entreprise qui devraient se poursuivre ainsi pour demain samedi 9 decembre 2017, s'articulent autour de six panels a savoir "L'impact economique de la decentralisation : prealables et vision", "La decentralisation et l'environnement des affaires", "La decentralisation, integrite et relations avec les politiques", "L'impact de la decentralisation sur la pression fiscale", "meme developpement pour toutes les regions : cas des metropoles et regions frontalieres" et "La decentralisation et le dialogue social".
Accountability and Decentralisation in Government: An Incomplete Contracts Model', 1996, European Economic Review, vol.
Our article, limited in scope, employed the widely applied decision space framework in understanding Fiji's decentralisation of a particular function, service delivery.
Decentralisation in Pakistan: the lost opportunity of the 18th amendment.
Decentralisation of government thus involves the creation of smaller territorial establishments of political and administrative institutions of the state.
Decentralisation and its Discontents: An Essay on Class, Political Agency and National Perspective in Indonesian Politics.
Over a period of last 12 months, the positive impacts of the decentralisation process had been monitored, which finally led to the disbursement of the new payment of EURO 11.
Strong momentum has been established behind decentralisation to the UK's cities and regions over the past five years, as shown by the 38 recent bids for devolution deals submitted to government for consideration in the last Spending Review.
Khartoum, 11 Juin (SUNA) -Le Soudan participe a la reunion des experts du federalisme et de la decentralisation qui s'est tenue dans la capitale ethiopienne Addis-Abeba au 9 du 11 de Juin courant.
This study examines the role of democratic institutions in an attempt to explain the relationship between fiscal decentralisation and inflation.
With a history of relatively poor performance by its health system, Trinidad and Tobago introduced radical reform under a new Decentralisation Act of 1994, which was intended to be patient-driven, bottom-up, flexible and close to customers, as well provide effective management to achieve the goals of the Ministry of Health (MOH).
The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) is set to make headway in its effort to implement the decentralisation policy which government adopted as a means to improve public service delivery and promote socio-economic development in the country.