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Synonyms for decency

Synonyms for decency

a sense of propriety or rightness

Antonyms for decency

the quality of conforming to standards of propriety and morality

the quality of being polite and respectable

References in classic literature ?
by nature) may be, and however unacquainted with conventional behaviour, the chances are, that she will have quite as strong an innate sense of the decencies and proprieties of life as if she had run the gauntlet of a dozen London seasons--possibly a stronger one, for such senses have been known to blunt in this improving process.
But I did it behind a bush, having a due regard for the decencies.
What would the ruffian say, if we, setting at naught, like him, the decencies of social intercourse, were to raise the curtain which happily conceals His private life from general ridicule, not to say from general execration?
A recent trip to the employee kitchen piqued my curiosity about workplace decencies.
Steve has written a short but first-rate volume, The Managers' Book of Decencies; he develops and illustrates the argument that small decencies build the corporate culture.