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Synonyms for deceleration

a decrease in rate of change

(physics) a rate of decrease in velocity

the act of decelerating

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Energizing investments is a fundamental task to change the current deceleration phase as well as to achieve a path of sustained and sustainable growth in the long term, the organization concluded.
Microsoft Excel 2003 (Microsoft Corp; Redmond, Washington) was used to calculate the average deceleration of the ATD assuming that the ATD was a single non-rotating lumped mass that was slowed by a constant ground reaction force (constant deceleration).
First, it identifies both growth accelerations and decelerations, and second, it defines growth accelerations and decelerations relative to each country's economic performance.
Every act of deceleration gives another push to the Slow movement," he says.
Potlatch, Idaho, and LA Aluminum, Hayden Lake, Idaho, the university team constructed a mild hybrid concept vehicle, which is expected to utilize AC induction to facilitate the truck during deceleration.
After a deceleration period, the rotor aligns with the magnets facing the iron cores of the stator electromagnets.
Slow growth in nursing facility capacity and a deceleration in the growth of service and supply costs to provide long term care help to account for the slowdown, report the authors, who are from the Office of the Actuary at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
Real estate officials believe that the deceleration is mainly due to the summer winding to a close and the prices reaching historic levels, which have gotten too high for many buyers to afford.
5 APR00 has recently been approved to include a future provision that will change the allowable speed and deceleration criteria for certain agricultural field equipment from 15 to 25 miles per hour (25 to 40 kilometers per hour).
9 billion in 1994, mainly as a result of a continuing deceleration of social insurance fund receipts.
A deceleration in activity was widely anticipated, and growth in real GDP did moderate to a 2 3/4 percent annual pace in the first quarter of 1995.
While the deceleration in 1991 was largely the result of the downturn in petroleum-based energy prices, the further moderation in 1992 was more broadly based.