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Synonyms for deceleration

a decrease in rate of change

(physics) a rate of decrease in velocity

the act of decelerating

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However, the majority of tracings we see during labor at term fall into category II, with no clear indication of risk and characterized most often by the presence of decelerations.
CNC routers, milling machines, lathes, 3D printers and laser cutters suitable for use in the education environment are supplied by Denford, as well as a number of bespoke items, including the F1 in Schools race tracks and new products such as the car deceleration system.
Initial speed (V), deceleration rate (a) and track mark length (s) are physically related (Equation 1).
20) This statement invokes the core of the deceleration concept: the act of undoing a mortgage and note's acceleration to return the lending arrangement to status quo ante.
In group B, growth deceleration was observed at the 6th month in 23.
Note the above deceleration calculations are not off-the-shelf numbers you can count on for your particular crash.
The frequency of women suffering from deceleration of heart rate in our study was significantly higher in the IUGR group (p (less than) 0.
Wages and working conditions in the crisis', published on 26 July 2012, shows that wage deceleration - ie average nominal wage growth lower than the year before - occurred in almost all the EU member states in 2009, except Denmark, France and Greece.
La premiere cause de mortalite ou de morbidite dans les accidents de voiture provoques par une deceleration subite est l'ejection des corps des passagers du devant par le barre brise des vehicules donnant lieu a des traumatismes craniens, thoraciques ou abdominaux.
It's the combination of speed and sudden deceleration that produces the effect, but patently vehicles such as SUVs will tend to have more of a problem because they usually have a higher centre of gravity.
A combination of sustained growth in imports and deceleration in exports caused the trade deficit to increase by 38.
However, notwithstanding the deceleration in growth, inflation risks remain, which will influence both the timing and magnitude of future rate actions,'' he said.
The next year looks perplexing for Russia because on the one hand the Russian economy will be negatively affected by global deceleration as a result of European debt problems, while on the other hand it will benefit from domestic policy.