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Synonyms for deceivingly

in a misleading way

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The industry's overall contribution to the economy, furthermore, is deceivingly small: mining employs just 2.
Commercial food companies deceivingly promote polyunsaturated vegetable oils like corn and safflower as healthy because of early studies showing reduced cardiovascular risk factors in those who consumed vegetable oils compared to animal-based fats such as butter.
This deceivingly simple question is a staple of business or sales meetings, cocktail parties, networking functions, interviews and cold calls.
Now he is a deceivingly skinny welterweight who can bang a damn sight harder than expected.
A trio of Sadier, drummer and bassist, whose names I could not hear, formed a simple line-up with a deceivingly full sound.
Telangiectatic osteosarcoma (Figure 9) has the potential to be misdiagnosed as a giant cell tumor or chondroblastoma, as it is characteristically lytic and deceivingly nonaggressive in appearance.
Although toilets and sinks can certainly present a challenge, one other part of the restroom that can be deceivingly difficult to tackle is the shower and the immediate surrounding area.
Natality may at first glance seem to be a simple idea, but it is deceivingly complex.
Our camp is a deceivingly stable contraption made of thin logs with a large tarp thrown over top and serves as kitchen, bedroom, and makeshift laboratory.
But it's deceivingly simple says the head chef at the Falcondale Hotel, Lampeter (thefalcondale.
Deceivingly simple in appearance, the ceramic forms are only a fragment in a series of conceptual gestures within Strand's work.
So, the editorial picks a time period which provides a deceivingly better picture.
Prosecutors said the accused planned the manslaughter after he deceivingly convinced M.
Dean Brown's vibrant, bold and deceivingly simple artwork, which uses a range of perspectives and textures, is powerful and immediately captures the reader's interest.
At first it appears as though one of Richter's by now "classic" gestural abstractions was merely subjected to a deceivingly simple series of mathematical partitions and multiplications, a progression not uncommon to painterly and sculptural operations since Judd's and LeWitt's Minimalism.