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Synonyms for deceive

be deceived by something or someone


  • be taken in by
  • fall for
  • swallow
  • take the bait
  • be made a fool of by
  • be the dupe of
  • swallow hook, line, and sinker

Synonyms for deceive

to cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation

Synonyms for deceive

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Some people gave her money and she went to different neighborhoods to deceive people with the same role for the whole day.
If the actors in a movie deceive us, then we must be consenting to this deception because we gain from such deception.
Otherwise, it is always incorrect to call someone a liar when he/she is attempting to deceive you with falsehoods, which seems wrong.
No one is arguing Iraq justifies the terror attacks, but to deny a link is to deceive the people.
The court's decision centered on its view that the telemarketer made false or misleading statements to deceive donors, thus opening the door for states to file fraud charges against telemarketing companies.
In 'Deception: How Satan Deceives Us' Seagrove illustrates how the dangerous and unpredictable world of the supernatural is constantly interacting with our own temporal society, with demonic forces in the invisible realm of the spirit world constantly trying to deceive us into making bad choices or saying inappropriate things.
Deception: How Satan Deceives Us' is available now, published by 1stBooks Library.
An enslaved African who appears to be broken and fearful is revealed, in this story set during slavery, as the one who deceives the masters.
The business idea of Letsbuyit is that the customers can join forces to get prices lower, but according to the Cnidet and the court, the company allegedly deceives the customers to start too high.
Anyone who deceives investors, whether a CEO, CPA, board director or stock analyst, must be held accountable.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A man who deceives people by pretending to be an epilepsy patient was caught on camera by Cihan news agency.
However, research shows that promoting false information which deceives people into believing the issue is worse than it is may actually exacerbate the problem.
The Court upheld a jury's decision that the slogan claims superiority, is false, misleading and deceives consumers.