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So the people ceased to honor him during his lifetime, and quietly consigned him to forgetfulness after his decease.
By their decease I became the lawfull Inheritress of their House and Fortune.
The decease of a relative had put him in possession of a small inheritance.
A London paper mentions the decease of a person from a singular cause.
Not a day elapsed which did not bring us news of the decease of some acquaintance.
Rouncewell died some time before the decease of the pretty fashion of pig-tails, and modestly hid his own (if he took it with him) in a corner of the churchyard in the park near the mouldy porch.
As these sheets are being prepared for the press I am pained to learn of his decease shortly after his return home--M.
Minchin on the other side of Tipton, the decease of Hicks, a rural practitioner, having increased Middlemarch practice in that direction.
Richard Vanderpole was to have dined and gone to the theatre on the night of his decease.
The Doctor is upstairs, innocently writing his certificate of my Lord's decease, by the dead Courier's bedside.