exponential decay

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a decrease that follows an exponential function

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However, the decay constant can be correlated with the formation of conductive networks.
A Decay Constant, calculated from the X-coil response of either the dB/dt or B-Field component (some testing required to identify the best component to use), to get a better definition of the conductors of vertical extent
14]C, with a half-life of 5730 years, or with a decay constant ln2/(5730 years) = 0.
In scenarios B and C, as a result of increasing flow capacity of the air cleaner and introducing some flow obstructions in the room, lower values of the decay constant were obtained.
The equation with a time-dependent decay constant yields expected values of N well within an order of magnitude of the observed values.
They state that C-14 did not have an accelerated decay constant while heavier nuclei did.