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an athletic contest consisting of ten different events

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Svitek, who finished second in the decathlon in the young men's division, was turned off by the humidity, heavy rain and thunderstorms.
Another decathlon will have to wait until next summer.
There are a few gaps in their lineups, but the scholars at Canyon and Saugus high schools hope to be competitive just the same in this weekend's Los Angeles County Academic Decathlon.
Lynch, coaching his 12th Canyon High decathlon team, has hopes for this year's squad even though it's one person short.
The Canyon squad finished sixth in last year's countywide decathlon, scoring 40,920 points out of a possible 60,000.
Despite the grueling study regimen required of Academic Decathlon teams, Brown said he wanted to return for another shot at the county title because he'd like to see Canyon High become as well-known for its smart students as for its unbeaten football teams of the 1980s.
Their brains are ``burping,'' and they're ready to mix it up with fellow teen-agers in today's 15th annual Academic Decathlon for 63 public high schools throughout Los Angeles County.
Starting Saturday, the team will compete against more than 50 squads in the Los Angeles Unified School District's Academic Decathlon, a 10-category contest that includes fine arts, science, math, social science, economics, language and literature.
This year's Academic Decathlon season promises to be the toughest ever for schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District, with former national champion Taft High School leading the pack in practice matches.
The Los Angeles Unified School District's academic decathlon season gets under way today, when more than 700 students face off at sites throughout the district in tryouts for their school teams.
Academic Decathlon on Saturday night in a razor-tight finish that capped a grueling competition and brought the San Fernando Valley school its second championship in three years.
The California Academic Decathlon champions have also overpacked their brains with mathematical theorems and literary quotations, with music scores and art critiques.
That would be the decathlon, track and field's version of ``Survivor,'' a 10-event test of stamina and sanity that thins the field of contenders over two days like some Darwinian selection process until one disheveled winner emerges.
BURBANK - When the Burbank High School Academic Decathlon Team heads to the county competition Saturday, the squad will put to use nine months of studying.