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an athletic contest consisting of ten different events

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Britain's leading decathletes this year John Lane (pb 7,922pts) and Liam Ramsey (pb 7,857pts) will also be aiming to achieve the standard.
Outside of the Olympics or World Championships, this is the most significant international competition available to aspiring decathletes and heptathletes.
It means Hexham will be the last opportunity for many Olympic heptathlete and decathlete hopefuls to make their national squads.
With the El Camino Real decathletes still flushed with victory, the coaches hadn't decided Monday whether the students would get a break.
1 decathlete is to be funded in his bid for an Olympics place next year.
DECATHLETE Dean Macey picked up where he left off last night by setting a personal best in the discus.
Beverly Hills High School, led by the top-scoring decathlete in the competition, surged to victory in the Los Angeles County Academic Decathlon, winning the team title over second-place Burbank High School, the County Superintendent of Schools announced today at the program's awards banquet.
Tony is Britain's oldest decathlete, the first and only British athlete over 80 to compete in the gruelling 10-event contest.
With the historic accomplishment, which was watched by several former Olympic gold medal decathletes, Eaton became the overwhelming favorite to win gold in London and assume the title of "world's greatest athlete.
LIKE all high-class decathletes, Ed Dunford loves to compete, but even by those standards, 'I'll Do It' Dunford is exceptional.
Surrounded by dazzling natural beauty and unlimited opportunities for fun, this year's decathletes had to forgo a lot to do their last-minute cramming.
The event, which is scheduled to become an annual competition, marks the first match between the two countries' decathletes since 1974.
Ten former multi-event athletes under O'Connor have gone on to compete at the Division-I level, including six decathletes who went to Oregon.
A crowd of 500 parents, teachers and supporters cheered as the decathletes answered five questions each about Thomas Cromwell, Machiavelli, Henry VIII and other figures of the European Renaissance.
This event will serve as a barometer for the entire USA/Visa Decathlon Team's progress since Visa launched the Gold Medal Athlete Program for decathletes in 1990," said John Bennett, senior vice president for Visa U.