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a verse line having ten syllables

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The sixain aabccb, with every line a regular decasyllable, provides this excellently; and as it is not a common form, it mixes the requisite strangeness with its sobriety.
The Traicte de la Cabale begins with a letter to King Francis I, divided into three parts: 240 decasyllables in French and nine Latin citations; a commentary of Raban Maur in which he eulogizes the king as guarantor of religion; and the third part in eighteen.
The evidence seems considerable: decasyllables and hendecasyllables are customary, but the iambic pentameter paradigm can be misleading, even meaningless, when approaching such verse as, "Let me not to the marriage of true minds / Admit impediments" (116.
Whether written in short verse or in decasyllables or in free verse, as in the poem "Colorado," they seem painted with minute brushstrokes, resembling haiku, containing wisdom, asking to be savored one at a time, rippling in one's mind, senses, and memory until their whole effect can be felt, like an impressionistic painting.
3) The rondel form, together with no fewer than forty nasal sounds in thirteen decasyllables, is remarkably effective in evoking the plaintive minor-key notes of the flute as they wind in languid serpentines through the length of the poem.