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having or characterized by or consisting of ten syllables

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The other key distinctions between a ballad and blank verse, of course, are rhyme versus its absence and divergent measures: in contrast to the decasyllabic line (albeit with variations) of blank verse, ballad meter features iambics in alternating lines of eight and six syllables.
In other words, while Matic's principal claim that all decasyllabic epic songs about the Kosovo battle originated and existed solely in the Srem region is not very convincing, his arguments do question commonly held views that the folk songs celebrating Kosovo heroism and Lazar's commitment to the heavenly kingdom "have had huge audiences over the centuries.
In this poem of demonstrative rhetoric and fourteen decasyllabic douzains (aabaabbbabba), Lemaire not only provides the necessary poetic comfort required of him, but also asserts his own role and position as a writer.
Salel's translation makes no attempt to reflect Homer's epic hexameters, which are rendered as decasyllabic couplets, the French meter still associated with noble undertakings at midcentury.
The predominantly end-stopped, decasyllabic ti-tum, ti-tum, ti-tum, ti-tum, ti-tum of the dramatic blank verse of the 1580s evolved, over the ensuing decades, into a more flexible instrument through two main kinds of variation: extra unstressed syllables were incorporated within lines, and especially at the ends of lines to create so-called feminine endings; and sense was increasingly run on from the end of one line into the next without any pause.
He essays a new form, a verse play composed entirely of decasyllabic lines, and, in a manner entirely different from that of "The Richard Nixon Freischutz Rag," in "Bronze Leaves and Red" he anatomizes a modern despot.
1368-1369) to the eventually prevailing decasyllabic verse (e.
But even if more space had been employed it would not have been feasible to represent the (roughly) decasyllabic lines as verse.
Desrey's version further differs in terms of its metrical scheme: the manuscripts give the sixth line of each stanza as heptasyllabic, while Desrey presents these as decasyllabic.
Blank verse first appeared in Italian poetry of the Renaissance as an unrhymed variant of the endecasillabo, then was transplanted to England as the unrhymed decasyllabic or iambic pentameter .
The strict formalism of Cluny's work-twelve decasyllabic twelve-line poems for the first part, "L'ete en Toscane," free verse for the second and longest part, "Arezzo: Fresques de Piero della Francesca," and thirteen decasyllabic thirteen-line poems for the third part, "Tombeaux etrusques"-indicates a concern for formal perfection, symmetry, order, and musicality.
It could be that colloquial, you see, but then it could modulate into something like a drumming decasyllabic that could thunder and be slowed down.
Outside syllabo-accentual verse, in French syllabic verse, in decasyllabic lines the overwhelming majority of caesurae occur after the fourth position.
monotony by counterpointing the regular decasyllabic return of the
Both versions, in decasyllabic rhyming couplets, take account of the Greek text, with Peletier, in particular, succeeding both from the point of view of accuracy and poetry.